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Research Resources

Indiana marriage records

Birth and death certificates

  • Vital records were only required by governments starting in the late 19th century, so you’ll need to look for family bible records, obituaries, cemetery records, or other types of documentation once you get back a few generations.
  • (your local library may have a subscription to access additional records on
  • Indiana Death Certificates, 1899 – 2011
  • Indiana Birth Certificates, 1907 – 1940
  • County clerks may also have copies of birth and death certificates.

Wills and probate records

  • has Wills and Probate Records for Indiana
    • Ancestry also has them for other states. You can find them by clicking “Search”, then “Card Catalog”. In the keyword box, type the state where the death certificate will be located, plus “wills probate” (for example: “Ohio wills probate”).
    • Once in the database, you can search wills by name and county, but it will only show the wills. There are many more probate records available to browse.
    • You need to click on the “Browse this collection” button, search for the county, and then start looking for the probate order books for the year that your ancestor died. Hopefully, there will be an index!
    • Here’s a short video for you to watch as professional genealogist Michele Kerr (formerly the genealogist for the Society) works her way around the collection:

African-American settlers in Indiana

Other free resources

Online books

County resources

  • Gore triangle in southeastern corner of Indiana.
  • Montgomery County IN Probate Record.
  • History of South Central Indiana.
    • This is a section online from Looking at History: Indiana’s Hoosier National Forest Region, 1600 to 1950. It starts with a great history of Native Americans living in Indiana in the 1600s and is an excellent resource to learn more about our pioneer ancestors.
    • History of South Central Indiana
  • Monroe County Field Notes – Monroe County, Indiana
    • Monroe County Field Notes is a virtual dig to uncover stories about 19th-century landmarks and people, from 1816-1876. It’s fun and free to get involved and your research will help the Monroe County Library diversify the community’s history!
    • Monroe County Field Notes