Proven Ancestors Added in 2020

The following is a list of all new persons added to the database of qualified Pioneer Ancestors during 2020. This list is provided as a service to those potential Society members who want to easily check the names of possible qualifying ancestors who were added recently.

Simon Akers;  b. Virginia, ca. 1760; To Clark Co. from Kentucky, 1810
{In War of Revolution}
William Alexander;  b. Kentucky, 1816; To Rush Co., 1836
Hiram Bacon;  b. New York, 1832; To Marion Co., 1840
Minerva Ann Miller Bacon;  b. (Indiana) probably Fayette Co., 1835;
Christina Dukes Barton;  b. N. Carolina, ca. 1800; To Posey Co., 1817
Daniel Barton;  b. N. Carolina, 1795; To Posey Co., 1817
Eliza Ann McCartney Lowe Batman;  b. Ohio, 1822; To Montgomery Co., 1831
{To Marion Co., 1835}{To Crawford Co., 1839}
John Batman;  b. Kentucky, 1822; To Harrison Co., 1810
Mary "Polly" Reed Batman;  b. Virginia, 1777; To Harrison Co. from Kentucky, 1810
Isaac Beezley;  b. Ohio, 1814; To Kosciusko Co., 1840
Sarepta McMillan Beezley;  b. Virginia, 1813; To Kosciusko Co. from Ohio, 1840
John Bell;  b. N. Carolina, ca. 1788; To Clark Co., 1820
Andrew Bower, Sr.;  b. Germany, 1774; To Clark Co. from N. Carolina, 1815
Andrew Jackson Bower, Jr.;  b. N. Carolina, 1799; To Clark Co., 1815
Eliza Jane Bower Bower;  b. Clark Co., 1824;
Margaret Fisher Bower;  b. N. Carolina, 1776; To Clark Co., 1815
Margaret Thomas Bower;  b. N. Carolina, 1781; To Clark Co., 1816
Mary Polly Lawrence/Laurence Bower;  b. N. Carolina, 1802; To Clark Co., 1820
Celia Marcella King Boyer;  b. Kentucky, 1815; To Rush Co., 1837
{To Clinton Co., 1838}
Elizabeth Wilson Boyer;  b. Kentucky, 1774; To Franklin Co., 1824
{To Decatur Co., 1830}
Samuel I. Boyer;  b. New York, 1812; To Rush Co., 1837
{To Clinton Co., 1838}
Samuel Jefferson Boyer;  b. Clinton Co., 1838;
{In Civil War}
Henry Briney;  b. Ohio, 1805; To Carroll Co., 1836
Perry Briney;  b. Ohio, ca. 1828; To Carroll Co., 1836
Sarah Harless Briney;  b. Tennessee, 1805; To Carroll Co. from Ohio, 1836
Thomas Brookbank;  b. Maryland, 1791; To Union Co. from Virginia, 1822
Eve Ringer Brown;  b. Maryland, ca. 1799; To Marion Co., by 1830
John Brown (Braun) ;  b. Maryland, 1795; To Marion Co., by 1830
Silas Burgett (Burget) ;  b. Ohio, 1799; To Tippecanoe Co. from Ohio, 1823
Hannah Deeter Burns;  b. Pennsylvania, 1785; To Elkhart Co. from Ohio, 1840
Michael Burns, Sr.;  b. Pennsylvania, 1780; To Elkhart Co. from Ohio, 1840
John Wesley Burton;  b. Virginia, 1784; To Monroe Co. from Kentucky, 1818
{In War of 1812}
Sarah Martin Calvert;  b. S. Carolina, 1783; To Vanderburgh Co. from Tennessee, 1811
Elizabeth Little Canary;  b. Kentucky, 1806; To Hendricks Co., 1824
John Canary;  b. Kentucky, 1805; To Hendricks Co., 1824
Joel Charles;  b. Kentucky or Virginia, ca. 1770; To Orange Co. from Kentucky, 1811
{Justice of the Peace}
Micajah Collins;  b. Virginia, 1786; To Greene Co., 1833
Daniel I. Conner, Jr.;  b. Virginia, 1778; To Shelby Co. from Tennessee, 1820
Catharine Stutzman Cripe;  b. Maryland, 1779; To Carroll Co. from Ohio, 1838
Daniel Benjamin Cripe;  b. Ohio, 1815; To Carroll Co., 1838
Elizabeth Troxell Cripe;  b. Ohio, 1819; To Carroll Co., 1838
Jacob Cripe, III;  b. Maryland, 1767; To Elkhart Co. from Ohio, 1840
John B. Cripe;  b. Maryland, 1789; To Elkhart Co. from Ohio, 1830
John Rhinehart Cripe;  b. Pennsylvania, 1775; To Carroll Co. from Ohio, 1838
Lydia Ann Hamman Cripe;  b. Ohio, 1831; To Kosciusko Co., 1850
Magdalena Bostetter Cripe;  b. Maryland, ca. 1767; To Elkhart Co. from Ohio, 1840
Noah Cripe;  b. Elkhart Co., 1833; To Kosciusko Co., by 1850
Susannah Ditmore Cripe;  b. Pennsylvania, 1789; To Elkhart Co. from Ohio, 1830
James Crooks, Jr.;  b. Pennsylvania, 1750; To Parke Co. from Kentucky or Ohio, 1829
Jesse Dever (Davar) ;  b. Virginia, ca. 1780; To Monroe Co. from Tennessee, 1828
Elijah Driskell;  b. Maryland, 1772; To Washington Co. from Kentucky, 1810
Robert Lee Driskell;  b. Kentucky, 1803; To Washington Co., 1820
Michael Eley;  b. Pennsylvania, 1812; To Adams Co. from Ohio, 1839
Rachell Dannells Eley;  b. Ohio, 1812; To Adams Co., 1839
Anna Riddle Ellis;  b. N. Carolina, 1772; To Daviess Co., 1812
Benjamin Restine Fisher;  b. White Co., 1835;
Archibald Fleming;  b. Virginia, 1799; To Wayne Co. from Pennsylvania, 1833
{To Grant Co., by 1850}
Elizabeth Fell Fleming;  b. Pennsylvania, 1802; To Wayne Co., 1833
{To Grant Co., by 1850}
John W. Fleming;  b. Wayne Co., ca. 1833;
George Flint;  b. Maryland, 1801; To Franklin Co., by 1830
Robert Gaff;  b. Pennsylvania, 1793; To Whitley Co. from Ohio, 1840
{To Noble Co., ca. 1842}
{In War of 1812}
Mary Ann Earl Gallimore;  b. Clinton Co., 1833;
William Glaze;  b. 1798, Kentucky; To Ripley Co. from Ohio, 1839
Littleton Goad;  b. Tennessee, 1812; To Greene Co., 1836
{In Mexican-American War}
Mary Greenfield Fox Gossett;  b. N. Carolina, 1822; To Hendricks Co., 1834
Nathaniel Walton Gossett;  b. N. Carolina, 1820; To Hendricks Co., 1835
{Circuit Riding Methodist Minister}
Letitia Trout Hackworth;  b. Kentucky, ca. 1805; To Putnam Co., 1830
Tolbert Hackworth;  b. Kentucky, ca. 1800; To Putnam Co., 1830
Robert Hamill;  b. Ohio, 1809; To Boone Co., 1832
{Justice of the Peace; Postmaster}
Elizabeth Mock Hamman;  b. Pennsylvania, 1801; To Kosciusko Co. from Ohio, 1850
Jacob Hamman;  b. Pennsylvania, 1784; To Kosciusko Co. from Ohio, 1848
Christina Van Nuys Hankins;  b. Kentucky, 1797; To Marion Co., 1826
Stephen Hankins;  b. Virginia, 1785; To Marion Co. from Kentucky, 1826
William Preston Hankins;  b. Kentucky, 1825; To Marion Co., 1826
Elizabeth English Hanna;  b. New Jersey, 1828; To Hendricks Co., 1840
Sarah Mowery Hanna;  b. Virginia, 1797; To Franklin Co., 1813
Eli Harrison;  b. Howard Co., ca. 1810;
Rachel Cruse Harrison;  b. Ohio, 1810; To Howard Co., 1816
Harriet C. Johnson Hayden;  b. New York, 1817; To Posey Co. from Illinois, 1825
Samuel Hayden;  b. Connecticut, 1805; To Posey Co. from Wisconsin, 1836
Stephen Hedden;  b. New Jersey, 1773; To Daviess Co., 1822
{To Floyd Co., 1830}
Sarah Miriam Rich Holloway;  b. Hamilton Co., 1837;
Andrew Hughs (Hughes) ;  b. Maryland, 1783; To Clark Co. from Kentucky, 1809
{In Indiana Militia; in Battle of Tippecanoe} {Road Commissioner}
Jeremiah Jeffrey;  b. New Jersey, 1772; To Fayette Co. from New York, 1821
{In War of Revolution as a boy runner; in War of 1812}
Esther Dwinell Johnson;  b. New Hampshire, 1791; To Posey Co. from Illinois, 1825
Ebenezer Jones;  b. N. Carolina, 1772; To Daviess Co., 1812
Henderson Joyce;  b. N. Carolina, 1821; To Shelby Co., 1834
John Joyce;  b. N. Carolina, 1781-1790; To Shelby Co., 1834
Sarah Young Joyce; To Shelby Co. from N. Carolina, 1834
James B. Kenyon;  b. N. Carolina, 1780-1791; To Wayne Co., 1822
{To Montgomery Co., 1830}
Philip Landrigan; To Tippecanoe Co. from Ireland, 1837
{To Cass Co., 1850}
Esom Leach;  b. Virginia, ca. 1775; To Franklin Co. from Ohio, ca. 1803
Nicholas Lentz (Lientz) ;  b. Pennsylvania, 1779; To Switzerland Co., 1798
Joseph Lucas, Sr.;  b. Pennsylvania, 1805; To Randolph Co. from Ohio, 1836
Eli Mabie;  b. Ohio, 1829; To Kosciusko Co., 1840
Eliza Ann Beezley Mabie;  b. Ohio, 1836; To Kosciusko Co., 1840
Elizabeth McConkey Mabie;  b. Pennsylvania, 1809; To Kosciusko Co. from Ohio, 1840
Peter Mabie;  b. New York, 1807; To Kosciusko Co. from Ohio, 1840
Asa Maddox;  b. Kentucky, ca. 1803; To Jennings Co., 1820
Cyrus James Marsh;  b. Virginia, 1780; To Clark Co. from Ohio, 1817
{To Washington Co., 1820}
James Martin, Sr.;  b. Virginia, 1758; To Knox Co., 1807
James Martin;  b. S. Carolina, 1749; To Vanderburgh Co., 1807
{Overseer of the Poor} {Minister and founding member of Big Creek Primitive Baptist Church}
Ralph Peter Martindale;  b. Virginia, 1807; To Monroe Co., 1834
Harriet Senseney Maskell;  b. Allen County, ca. 1840;
Helen Elizabeth Baylor McCartney;  b. Pennsylvania, 1796; To Montgomery Co. from Ohio, 1831
{To Marion Co., 1835}{To Crawford Co., 1839}
Marmaduke D. McCartney;  b. Pennsylvania, 1788; To Montgomery Co. from Ohio, 1831
{To Marion Co., 1835}{To Crawford Co., 1839}
{In War of 1812}
Samuel McCarty;  b. Jefferson Co., 1833;
{In Civil War}
John McCoy;  b. Kentucky, 1797; To Jay Co. from Ohio, 1837
James McCracken;  b. N. Carolina, 1800; To Orange Co., by 1829
John McNeeley;  b. Pennsylvania, 1797; To Jefferson Co., 1817
Margaret Redenbaugh McNeeley;  b. Ohio, 1798; To Jefferson Co., 1819
John Fletcher Medearis;  b. N. Carolina, 1809; To Wayne Co., 1829
Lydia Ann Elizabeth Brown Messersmith;  b. Marion Co., 1831;
Joseph A. Messick;  b. Delaware, 1796; To Hamilton Co., 1837
Sarah Pattison Miller;  b. Ohio, ca. 1802; To Fayette Co., 1834
{To Clay Co., by 1840}{To Hamilton Co., by 1850}
Thomas Miller;  b. Pennsylvania, ca. 1800; To Fayette Co., 1834
{To Clay Co., by 1840}{To Hamilton Co., by 1850}
Drusilla Burns Moore;  b. Rush Co., 1837;
Catharine Sarber Morgan;  b. Ohio, 1835; To Kosciusko Co., 1841
Griffith Morgan;  b. England, 1795; To Kosciusko Co., 1837
Jane Edith Morgan;  b. England, ca. 1799; To Kosciusko Co., 1837
John Morgan;  b. England, 1826; To Kosciusko Co., 1837
James Morris;  b. N. Carolina, 1805; To Jefferson Co., 1826
Matilda Jones Morris;  b. N. Carolina, 1808; To Jefferson Co., 1826
George Washington Mull;  b. Virginia, 1772; To Rush Co. from Ohio, 1830
Elias Myers, Jr.;  b. Pennsylvania, 1765; To Daviess Co. from N. Carolina, 1816
William Nash;  b. Virginia, 1805; To Daviess Co. from Tennessee, 1822
John Isaac Neely;  b. Kentucky, 1790; To Gibson Co., 1803
{In post-War of Revolution; in War of 1812}
Elizabeth Ring New;  b. Kentucky, 1790; To Hancock Co., 1811
Nathan Newlin;  b. N. Carolina, 1810; To Parke Co., 1830
Mildred A. "Milly" Abbott Ogle;  b. Clark Co., 1830;
Jacob Orman;  b. Clay Co., 1837;
Marshfield True Paul;  b. Maine, 1762; To Vanderburgh Co., 1820
{In War of Revolution}
Miriam Newby Rich;  b. N. Carolina, 1803; To Hamilton Co., 1836
Peter Wall Rich;  b. N. Carolina, 1783; To Grant Co., 1837
Daniel Rigby;  b. probably Pennsylvania, 1757; To Jay Co. from Ohio, prior to 1850
Anna Beamer Ringer; To Marion Co. from Maryland, 1824
Jacob Ringer, Sr.;  b. Maryland, 1757; To Marion Co., 1824
{In War of Revolution}
Thomas B. Robison;  b. Ohio, 1807; To Parke Co., 1827
John Rodarmel;  b. Pennsylvania?, 1784; To Knox Co. from Pennsylvania, 1810
{To Daviess Co., 1830}
{In War of 1812; Battle of Tippecanoe}
Hiram Jack Rouse;  b. Marion Co., 1833;
Sarah "Sally" Pitcher Rouse;  b. Kentucky, 1814; To Marion Co., 1833
Ebenezer Sage;  b. Connecticut, 1791; To Jay Co. from Michigan, 1840
Andrew Saltzman;  b. Pennsylvania, 1800; To Posey Co., 1816
Kesiah Wilson Saltzman;  b. Pennsylvania, 1800; To Posey Co., 1816
William H. Saltzman;  b. Posey Co., 1829;
{In Civil War}
George Sarber;  b. Pennsylvania, 1810; To Kosciusko Co. from Ohio, 1841
Lydia Andreck Sarber;  b. Ohio, 1816; To Kosciusko Co., 1841
Lorenz Scheel (Lawrence Shale) ;  b. Germany, 1792; To Posey Co. from Pennsylvania, 1814
{Member Harmonist Society that founded New Harmony, Indiana}
Maria Christina Gottliebin Taulina Scheel;  b. Germany, 1752; To Posey Co. from Pennsylvania, 1814
{Member Harmonist Society that founded New Harmony, Indiana}
Moses Scott;  b. Kentucky, ca. 1788; To Floyd Co., 1812
John K. Senseney;  b. Pennsylvania, ca. 1795; To Allen Co. from Ohio, 1827
Sarah Richardson Senseney;  b. Ohio, ca. 1814; To Allen Co., 1835
Abraham Sensibaugh;  b. Virginia, 1803; To Kosciusko Co. from Pennsylvania, 1835
{To Elkhart Co., 1836}
Lydia Barnard Fisher Shafer;  b. Carroll Co., 1839;
Saul Shaul;  b. Virginia, 1789; To Madison Co. from Ohio, 1820
Deborah Allen Shelley;  b. Ohio, ca. 1811; To Henry Co., by 1840
Richard Shelley;  b. N. Carolina, ca. 1808; To Henry Co. from Ohio, by 1840
Esther Smith Shock;  b. Pennsylvania, 1789; To Kosciusko Co. from Ohio, 1840
Jacob Shock;  b. Pennsylvania, 1793; To Kosciusko Co. from Ohio, 1840
Joseph Shock, Sr.;  b. Ohio, 1819; To Kosciusko Co., 1850
Susannah Burns Shock;  b. Ohio, 1813; To Kosciusko Co., 1836
Elijah Shockley;  b. Ripley Co., 1832;
Hugh Lawson Siner;  b. Virginia, 1811; To Vigo Co. from Kentucky, 1823
Elizabeth Sponeberg Stailey;  b. Pennsylvania, 1795; To Pulaski Co., 1845
John Stewart;  b. (Indiana), 1822; To Vigo Co.
{In Civil War}
Daniel Freeman Stright;  b. Pennsylvania, 1811; To Henry Co., 1837
{In War of Revolution} {Minister in Methodist Episcopal Church; circuit rider}
Benjamin Suddarth;  b. Virginia, ca. 1803; To Crawford Co., 1825
{To Washington Co., by 1850}
Elizabeth Barton Saltzman Taylor;  b. Posey County, 1830;
James Thomas;  b. Ohio, 1813; To Delaware Co., 1833
Catherine Keltner Troxell;  b. Pennsylvania, 1791; To Carroll Co. from Ohio, 1838
Henry Troxell;  b. Pennsylvania, 1788; To Carroll Co. from Ohio, 1838
Charles Francois Vacher (Vachet) ;  b. Canada, 1741; To Knox Co., 1778
{In War of Revoluion}
Alice Letitia "Letty" Canine VanNuys;  b. Pennsylvania, ca. 1781; To Montgomery Co. from Kentucky, 1834
John VanNuys (VanNice) ;  b. New Jersey, ca. 1769; To Montgomery Co. from Kentucky, 1834
{In War of 1812}
Noah Vernon;  b. N. Carolina, 1805; To Shelby Co., 1834
{To Crawford Co., 1837}
Sarah Llewellyn Vernon;  b. N. Carolina, 1807; To Shelby Co., 1834
{To Crawford Co., 1837}
William Westmoreland;  b. N. Carolina, ca. 1789; To Greene Co., 1840
Joseph William Whitacre;  b. Virginia, 1800; To Jay Co. from Ohio, 1840
Jehu Wickersham;  b. Pennsylvania, 1746; To Wayne Co., 1818
{Platted and laid out Greensboro}
Mary Kirk Wickersham;  b. N. Carolina, ca. 1751; To Wayne Co., 1818
Catherine Deardorff Williams;  b. Union Co., 1819;
John Wesley Williams;  b. N. Carolina, 1813; To Union Co., 1821
Alexander Wilson;  b. Pennsylvania, 1775; To Posey Co., 1816
Sarah Dunbar Wilson;  b. Pennsylvania, ca. 1781; To Posey Co., 1816

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