Proven Ancestors Added in 2019

The following is a list of all new persons added to the database of qualified Pioneer Ancestors during 2019. This list is provided as a service to those potential Society members who want to easily check the names of possible qualifying ancestors who were added recently.    

John Clayton Armstrong;  b. Franklin Co., 1817
Daniel Arnold;  b. Wells Co., 1846 {In Civil War}
Henrietta Shull Arnold;  b. Blackford Co., 1850
Mary Phillips Arnold;  b. New York, ca. 1806; To Wells Co. from Ohio, 1838
Samuel B. Arnold;  b. Maryland, 1801; To Wells Co. from Ohio, 1838
Alfred Bates;  b. Virginia, ca. 1793; To Ripley Co., 1820
Amor Boyd;  b. Ohio, 1844; To Jay Co., 1846
Cyrus Boyd;  b. Ohio, 1819; To Jay Co., 1846
Elizabeth Price Boyd;  b. Ohio, ca. 1822; To Jay Co., 1846
Elma M. Johnson Boyd;  b. Jay Co., 1849
Mary B. Morris Brewer;  b. Wayne Co., 1816; To Hamilton Co., 1837 {To Wabash Co., 1849}
Sarah Holtsclaw/Holdclaw Burket;  b. S. Carolina, ca. 1797; To Henry Co. from Ohio, 1825 {To Cass Co., 1834}
Mary Caldwell;  b. Pennsylvania, ca. 1768; To Boone Co. from Kentucky, 1830-1839
Caroline Lee Canady (Canada) ;  b. Vigo Co., 1836; To Hamilton Co., by 1855
David Canady (Cannada) ;  b. S. Carolina, ca. 1785; To Wayne Co., 1815 {To Rush Co., 1825} {To Boone Co., 1835} {In War of 1812}
Lewis A. Canady (Canada) ;  b. Rush Co., 1825; To Boone Co., 1835
Martha "Patsy" Ring Canady (Cannada) ;  b. N. Carolina, ca. 1800; To Wayne Co., 1815 {To Rush Co., 1825} {To Boone Co., 1835}
Ephraim Carnahan;  b. Alabama, 1820; To Warrick Co., 1840
Samuel Clapp;  b. N. Carolina, ca. 1811; To Clark Co., 1832
Nancy Finnell Conner;  b. Virginia, ca. 1784; To Fayette Co. from Kentucky, by 1830
Reuben Conner;  b. Kentucky, ca. 1777; To Fayette Co., by 1830
Adam Copple;  b. N. Carolina, 1804; To Shelby Co., 1832
Nancy Chambers Copple; To Shelby Co., 1832
Phillip Corya (Kerya) ;  b. Pennsylvania, 1811; To Jennings Co., 1820
Thomas Curtis, Jr.;  b. England, 1792; To Dearborn Co. from New York, 1824
Squire B. Dean;  b. Kentucky, ca. 1793; To Pike Co. from Ohio, 1820
Eli Dunman; To Delaware Co. from Ohio, 1839
Rachel Ann Pugh Edmondson (Edmundson) ;  b. Ohio, 1831; To Jay Co., 1848
Michael David Fleener;  b. Washington Co., 1817
John Floro;  b. (Indiana), ca. 1814; To Warrick Co., ca. 1814
John Galbreath;  b. Kentucky, ca. 1799; To Scott Co., 1820
William Galbreath;  b. Pennsylvania, 1757; To Scott Co. from Kentucky, 1820
Isom Isham Gallimore;  b. N. Carolina, 1799; To Clinton Co., 1820
Samuel Geisinger;  b. Ohio, 1812; To DeKalb Co., 1840 {Constable}
John George;  b. New Jersey?, 1759; To Marion Co. from Kentucky, 1838
John Glen;  b. Jefferson Co., 1834
Robert Glen;  b. Scotland, 1799; To Jefferson Co., 1825
Martha Jane Stuck Hankins;  b. Marion Co., 1836
Michael Hannon;  b. Ireland, 1812; To Porter Co., 1844
Borden Hanson;  b. N. Carolina, 1800; To Wayne Co. from Ohio, 1831
George Harlan;  b. Ohio, 1789; To Montgomery Co., 1824
Abram Hill;  b. Dearborn Co., 1823 {Captain in Civil War}
Eli Hill;  b. Virginia, 1776-1794; To Dearborn Co., 1801
Minerva Kerr Hill;  b. Dearborn Co., 1824
Charles Volney Holton;  b. Vermont, 1817; To Lake Co. from Canada, 1840
Ann Hanson Hutchins;  b. Wayne Co., 1822
Clara Spain Hutchins;  b. N. Carolina, 1791; To Wayne Co. from Ohio, 1819
Enos Hutchins;  b. Wayne Co., 1820
Hezekiah Hutchins;  b. N. Carolina, 1793; To Wayne Co. from Ohio, 1819
Frances Swallow Johnson;  b. N. Carolina; To Jay Co. from Ohio, 1836
Harriet Rigby Johnson;  b. Ohio, ca. 1827; To Jay Co., 1840
John Bliss Johnson;  b. Connecticut, 1789; To Posey Co. from Illinois, 1825 {In War of 1812} {Justice of the Peace}
Levi Johnson;  b. Ohio, 1818; To Jay Co., 1836 {Taught the first school in Penn Twp, Jay Co. in a log house}
Alfred Abner Jones;  b. N. Carolina, 1813; To Lawrence Co., prior to 1835
Lewis Jones;  b. Monroe Co., 1837
Sarah Trogdon Jones;  b. N. Carolina, 1809; To Lawrence Co., prior to 1835
Noble Junken;  b. Ireland, 1771; To Rush Co. from Kentucky, 1825
Mary Donham/Dunham Lee;  b. New Jersey, 1774; To Vigo Co. from Ohio, 1832
John Lindley;  b. Wayne Co., 1811
George McCormick;  b. Pennsylvania, 1772; To Knox Co. from Kentucky, 1800
Tobias Messersmith;  b. Fayette Co., 1828
Corder S. Miller;  b. Sullivan Co., 1830
James H. Miller;  b. Tennessee, 1799; To Sullivan Co., 1830
Juda Usrey Miller;  b. Tennessee, 1801; To Sullivan Co., 1830
Edward Millis;  b. Maryland, 1831; To Wayne Co., 1837 {To LaGrange Co., 1839} {Trustee of Methodist Episcopal Church}
Phillip Moore;  b. Pennsylvania, 1792; To Montgomery Co. from Ohio, 1823 {In War of 1812}
Robert Kennedy Nelson;  b. S. Carolina, 1815; To Monroe Co., 1838 {In Mexican War}
Elizabeth Wallace Newhouse; To Fayette Co. from Virginia, ca. 1813 {To Delaware Co., 1837}
James Newhouse;  b. Virginia, 1781; To Fayette Co., ca. 1813 {To Delaware Co., 1837}
Sarah C. N. H. Conner Newhouse;  b. Kentucky, ca. 1805; To Fayette Co., ca. 1826
William Newhouse;  b. Virginia, ca. 1803; To Fayette Co., ca. 1826
Levi Pike;  b. Ohio, 1818; To Fayette Co., ca. 1826
Mary Ann Newhouse Pike;  b. Fayette Co., 1827
Susannah Rogers Perkins Pike;  b. Maryland, 1784; To Fayette Co. from Ohio, ca. 1827
Elizabeth Webb Powell;  b. Ohio, 1816; To Rush Co., 1834
Elzaphan C. Powell;  b. Kentucky, 1809; To Rush Co., 1834
John Powell;  b. Virginia or Maryland, 1777; To Rush Co. from Kentucky, 1832
Sarah Caldwell Powell;  b. Pennsylvania, 1770-1780; To Rush Co. from Kentucky, 1832
Elizabeth Crabtree Pugh;  b. Ohio, 1812; To Blackford Co., 1849
John Pugh, Jr.;  b. Ohio, 1809; To Blackford Co., 1849
Clarissa Baldwin Putnam;  b. Vermont, 1804; To Wells Co., 1837
Ezra Putnam;  b. Massachusetts, 1771; To Wells Co. from Vermont, 1837
Kendall Putnam;  b. Massachusetts, 1803; To Wells Co. from Vermont, 1837
Sarah "Sallie" Miller Ray;  b. S. Carolina, 1789; To Vigo Co. from Ohio, 1818
Jeremiah Ballard Reed;  b. Vermont, 1795; To Randolph Co., 1834
Delilah Gilbert Rigby; To Jay Co. from Ohio, 1840
Seth Rigby; To Jay Co. from Ohio, 1840
William Schoonover;  b. Pennsylvania, 1777; To Floyd Co., 1810
Sarah Adeline Putnam Shull;  b. Vermont, 1829; To Wells Co., 1837
Sarah Wolf Shull;  b. Pennsylvnia, 1801; To Wayne Co., 1833
William Tetlow Shull;  b. Pennsylvania, 1818; To Wayne Co., 1833 {Member State Legislature} {Physician}
Mary Ann Hadden Smith;  b. S. Carolina, 1809; To Rush Co., 1835
Samuel Smith;  b. Virginia, ca. 1795; To Hancock Co., 1834
William Sparks;  b. S. Carolina, 1772; To Franklin Co., prior to 1812 {To Fayette Co., 1812}
Esau Burgess Nimrod Speer;  b. Lawrence Co., 1817
Sarah Irvin Spencer;  b. Scotland, 1816; To Jefferson Co., 1823
Amanda or Sarah Satterwhite Spillman;  b. Kentucky, ca. 1812; To Johnson Co., prior to 1840
Robert Spillman;  b. Virginia, ca. 1805; To Johnson Co. from Kentucky, prior to 1840
William Stephens;  b. Tennessee?, ca. 1805; To Fayette Co., 1827
Daniel Stuck;  b. Kentucky, 1807; To Marion Co., 1830
Mary George Stuck;  b. Kentucky, 1784; To Marion Co., 1840
Peter Stuck; To Marion Co. from Kentucky, 1840
Sarah Demotte Stuck;  b. Kentucky, 1810; To Marion Co., 1830
Godfrey Sumwalt;  b. Pennsylvania, 1758; To Randolph Co. from Ohio, 1821 {In War of Revolution}
William F. Thomas;  b. Connecticut, 1795; To Fayette Co. from New York, 1820
Ambrose Trimble;  b. Kentucky, 1814; To Lawrence Co., 1820 {To Shelby Co., 1837}
Elisha Trimble;  b. Virginia, 1783; To Lawrence Co., 1829
Hester Hawkins Wellerson Trimble;  b. Kentucky, 1786; To Lawrence Co., 1829
Elizabeth Redding Trogdon;  b. N. Carolina, 1782; To Lawrence Co., 1839
Isaac Trogdon;  b. N. Carolina, 1780; To Lawrence Co., 1839
Willliam Watton, Sr.; To Fayette Co. from Ohio, 1823
Adron/Adrian Webb;  b. Virginia, 1770; To Rush Co. from Ohio, 1824
Lucy Jerrold/Fitzgerald Webb;  b. Virginia, 1771-1775; To Rush Co. from Ohio, 1824
Eliza Ann Spillman Welshons (Welchonch) ;  b. probably Kentucky, 1837; To Johnson Co. from Kentucky, prior to 1840
Henry Williams;  b. Lawrence Co., 1837; {In Civil War}
James Woody;  b. N. Carolina, 1810; To Parke Co., 1829 {along with his partner, built and conducted the first steam saw-mill beginning in 1848}
Richard Worthington, III;  b. England, ca.1792; To White Co., 1834
John Wyant;  b. Germany; To Dearborn Co. from Virginia, 1825 {To Grant Co., 1837}
Joshua Logan Younger;  b. Virginia; To Lawrence Co., 1830 {In War of Revolution}

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