Proven Ancestors Added in 2018

The following is a list of all new persons added to the database of qualified Pioneer Ancestors during 2018. This list is provided as a service to those potential Society members who want to easily check the names of possible qualifying ancestors who were added recently.    

James Abbott; To Clinton Co. from New Jersey, 1834
David Jasper Alexander;  b. Ohio, 1804; To Union Co., 1824
Jacob Alexander;  b. Pennsylvania, 1762; To Franklin Co. from Ohio, 1820
{To Union Co., by1830}{To Hamilton Co., by 1840}
Enos Allen;  b. Morgan Co., 1838;
Jeremiah Arnold;  b. Kentucky, 1787; To Pike Co., 1839
John Arnold;  b. Virginia, ca. 1758; To Putnam Co. from Kentucky, 1820
Aden Barber;  b. New York, 1805; To Daviess Co., 1830
Frederick Beeler;  b. Pennsylvania, 1777; To Morgan Co. from Virginia, 1822
Henry Berkshire;  b. Maryland, 1746; To Floyd Co. from N. Carolina, 1807
{In War of Revolution}
James Black;  b. Maryland, 1801; To Marion Co., 1828
{To Hancock Co., 1830}
Rufus Ames Black;  b. Marion Co., 1828; To Hancock Co., 1830
Euphemia Jackson Braden;  b. Ireland, 1773; To Decatur Co., 1822
Jackson P. Braden;  b. Pennsylvania, 1796; To Decatur Co., 1822
Nancy Lemasters Braden;  b. Kentucky, 1799; To Decatur Co., by 1824
Benjamin Brewer;  b. Pennsylvania, 1755; To Washington Co., 1814
Moses Brockman;  b. Virginia, 1775; To Clinton Co. from Kentucky, 1829
Nancy Gist Brown;  b. Kentucky, ca. 1813; To Wayne Co. from Ohio, 1834
Nathan Brown;  b. Maryland, 1808; To Wayne Co. from Ohio, 1834
Andrew Buck;  b. Pennsylvania, 1773; To Clinton Co., 1840
Peter Burkhalter;  b. Pennsylvania, 1784; To Clinton Co. from Ohio, 1831
Daniel Camerer;  b. Kentucky, 1797; To Rush Co. from Ohio, 1823
Ann Trammell Cartwright;  b. Virginia; To Sullivan Co., 1840
John Slye Cartwright;  b. Virginia, 1765; To Sullivan Co., 1840
Sarah Ann "Sally" Frier Clark;  b. Fayette Co., 1831; To Clinton Co., by 1849
Amaziah Cleveland;  b. Virginia, 1796; To Clark Co. from Kentucky, 1820
Peter Daily;  b. Ireland, 1804; To Daviess Co. from Massachusestts, 1839
Sarah E. Braden Davis;  b. Decatur Co., 1837;
Peter Ditzler;  b. Pennsylvania, 1756; To Clark Co. from Kentucky, 1820
{In War of Revolution}
Andrew Duffy;  b. Pennsylvania, 1798; To Jefferson Co. from Ohio, 1820
Edmund Frier;  b. England, 1789; To Wayne Co., 1820
{To Rush Co., by 1830}{To Fayette Co., by 1831}{To Clinton Co., by 1849}
Martin Gambill;  b. Tennessee, ca. 1787; To Greene Co., 1830
{In War of 1812}
Eleanor Woodburn Gard; To Tippecanoe Co. from Ohio, ca. 1830
George Gard;  b. Ohio, ca. 1818; To Tippecanoe Co., 1838
John Gard;  b. New York, 1773; To Tippecanoe Co. from Ohio, ca. 1830
{In War of 1812}
Sarah Ann Oshel Gard;  b. Ohio, 1822; To Tippecanoe Co., 1840
Samuel Gass; To Fayette Co. from Tennessee, 1836
{In War of 1812}
Philip Gebhart;  b. Pennsylvania; To Fountain Co., 1824
Andrew Gee;  b. Virginia, 1796; To Carroll Co. from Ohio, 1829
Amanda Cannaday Gilliam;  b. Virginia, ca. 1807; To Boone Co. from Ohio, 1837
Moody Gilliam;  b. Virginia, 1800; To Boone Co. from Ohio, 1837
Joseph P. Greenwood;  b. Virginia, 1819; To Owen Co., 1939
{To Morgan Co., 1850}{In Civil War}
Reuben Davis Grigsby, Sr.;  b. Virginia, 1773; To Spencer Co. from Kentucky, 1816
William Handy;  b. Kentucky, 1806; To Hancock Co., 1828
Arzena Taylor Hardwick;  b. N. Carolina, 1817; To Randolph Co., 1835
John Hardwick;  b. N. Carolina, 1805; To Randolph Co., 1830
John Harmison;  b. Maryland, 1810; To LaPorte Co. from Ohio, 1835
Martin Henry;  b. Virginia, 1801; To Putnam Co., 1826
{To Boone Co., by 1840}
Anna Mariah Sharp Hodgson;  b. New Jersey, 1834; To Randolph Co., 1840
Hiram Holmes;  b. New York, 1802; To DeKalb Co. from Ohio, 1842
{To LaPorte Co., by 1850}
Robert Hopkins;  b. Maryland/Delaware, 1760-70; To Clark Co. from Kentucky, 1814
Robert Hopkins;  b. Delaware, 1786; To Union Co., 1830
{To Decatur Co., 1837}{In War of 1812}
George Houts;  b. Virginia, 1791; To Daviess Co. from Kentucky, 1823
Abraham Hybarger;  b. Tennessee, 1810; To Fayette Co., 1839
Mary Ann Gilliam Ivy;  b. (Indiana), 1837; To Boone Co., 1837
Seth Kenworthy;  b. Ohio, ca. 1809; To Tipton Co., 1849
Jacob Kingery;  b. Pennsylvania, 1752; To Union Co. from Ohio, 1806
Jacob Krutsinger (Cutsinger) ;  b. Virginia, 1791; To Orange Co., 1814-17
Jane Holliday Lambert;  b. Ohio, 1801; To Wayne Co., 1828
Preston Layton;  b. Kentucky, 1810; To Switzerland Co., 1837
{To Howard Co., 1848}
Walter J. Leake;  b. Kentucky, 1805; To Clinton Co., 1829
Mary Stout Linville;  b. Delaware Co., 1812;
Hannah Middleton Locke;  b. N. Carolina, 1808; To Randolph Co., 1828
Polly Ann/Mary Ann Brown Locke;  b. Randolph Co., 1834;
William M. Locke;  b. N. Carolina, 1805; To Randolph Co., 1828
Elisha Long;  b. Virginia, 1794; To Henry Co. from Ohio, 1822
{To Franklin Co., by 1839}
{In War of 1812; in Indiana Militia} {Associate Judge; Seminary Trustee; Marshal; Presidential elector; Member State Legislature} {Canal engineer}
Absillit/Absillet Maddock;  b. N. Carolina, 1816; To Wayne Co., 1830
Jacob Daniel Mason;  b. Pennsylvania, 1812; To Dearborn Co., 1818
Philip Mason;  b. Pennsylvania, ca. 1784; To Dearborn Co., 1818
Richard Armstrong May;  b. Kentucky, 1799; To Jefferson Co., 1824
William McKeand;  b. Scotland, 1794; To Jefferson Co., 1820
Sarah Caroline Abrams Medearis;  b. Wayne Co., 1822;
John S. Merryman (Merriman) ;  b. Ohio, 1816; To Adams Co., 1850
Andrew "Andreas" Metzger, Sr.;  b. Pennsylvania, 1785; To Clinton Co. from Ohio, 1840
John E. Metzger;  b. Pennsylvania, 1809; To Clinton Co. from Ohio, 1840
Susanna Shively Metzger;  b. Ohio, 1811; To Clinton Co., 1840
John Mollenhour;  b. Ohio, ca. 1805-07; To Kosciusko Co., 1842
{Laid out town of Sevastopol}
Adam Moore;  b. Maryland, 1782; To Dearborn Co., 1818
Hassel Nelson;  b. N. Carolina, 1804; To Posey Co., 1824
Margaret "Peggy" Carnes Noble;  b. Kentucky, 1803; To Rush Co. from Ohio, 1834
Margaret Chambers Oshel;  b. Kentucky, 1799; To Tippecanoe Co. from Ohio, ca. 1830
John Oshell (Oshel) ;  b. Pennsylvania, 1787; To Tippecanoe Co. from Ohio, by 1830
{To Howard Co., by 1850}{In War of 1812}
Martha Glenn Park;  b. Virginia, 1777; To Johnson Co. from Kentucky, 1824
Samuel Ray Parvin;  b. New Jersey, 1812; To Franklin Co., 1835-1837
{To Ripley Co., by 1838}
Sarah "Sally Ann" Threlkeld Piety;  b. Knox Co., 1811;
James Pigg;  b. N. Carolina, 1793; To Sullivan Co. from Tennessee, 1830
{In War of 1812}
Samuel Powell;  b. N. Carolina, 1797; To Franklin Co., 1823
Catherine Williams Ramsey;  b. Virginia, 1787; To Hendricks Co. from Kentucky, 1814
William Ramsey;  b. Virginia, 1748; To Hendricks Co. from Kentucky, 1821
{In War of Revolution}
Daniel Ray;  b. Virginia, 1806; To Tippecanoe Co. from Ohio, 1840
Isaiah Rhodes;  b. (Indiana), 1819; To Greene Co., 1820
Eliza Ann Hodgen Risley;  b. Knox Co., 1809;
John Anthony Roberts;  b. Hamilton Co., 1837;
Keziah Corbin Roberts;  b. N. Carolina, ca. 1796; To Rush Co. from Ohio, 1829
{To Hamilton Co., 1837}
Abednego Sanders;  b. N. Carolina, ca. 1776; To Delaware Co. from Kentucky, 1827
James Sanders;  b. Kentucky, 1818; To Delaware Co., 1827
Andrew Secrest;  b. N. Carolina, 1819; To Washington Co., 1840
Abigail Wells Sherman;  b. Massachusetts, 1790; To Jefferson Co. from New York, 1816
Nancy Jane Miller Sherman;  b. Wayne Co., 1833;
Mary Ann Siler Shively;  b. Virginia, 1798; To Rush Co. from Ohio, 1840
Susannah Ulrich Shively;  b. Maryland, 1770; To Clinton Co. from Ohio, 1840
Christopher Showalter;  b. Pennsylvania, ca. 1774; To Dearborn Co., 1822
Mary White Shufflebarger;  b. Virginia, 1798; To Johnson Co., 1824
Henry Broomfield Shull;  b. Pennsylvania, 1789; To Wayne Co., 1833
{To Blackford Co., 1853}
Jacob Simpson;  b. N. Carolina, 1816; To Rush Co., 1840
Martha Watkins Simpson;  b. Virginia, 1821; To Rush Co., 1840
William Skelton;  b. Virginia, ca. 1745; To Gibson Co. from Georgia, 1807
{To Warrick Co., ca. 1818}{Donated supplies for War of Revolution}
Silas Standish;  b. Connecticut, 1791; To Clark Co., 1819
Stark J. Tansel;  b. Kentucky, 1807; To Hendricks Co., 1829
{Family known for carving powder horns}
Catherine Brown Taylor;  b. Marion Co., 1830;
Mary Vise Taylor;  b. Virginia, 1794; To Marion Co. from Kentucky, 1826
Napolean Bonaparte Taylor;  b. Kentucky, 1820; To Marion Co., 1826
{Superior Court Judge}
John Thomas;  b. Maryland, 1796; To Daviess Co., 1823
James Levi Thompson;  b. N. Carolina, 1804; To Washington Co., 1810
{Participated in Underground Railroad}
William Henry Trees;  b. Ohio, 1807; To Rush Co., 1831
Elizabeth Bailey Unger;  b. Virginia, 1798; To Carroll Co. from Ohio, Prior to 1840
George Unger;  b. Virginia, 1796; To Carroll Co. from Ohio, prior to 1840
{In War of 1812}
George W. Unger;  b. Virginia, 1825; To Carroll Co., Prior to 1840
Henry Vaughn;  b. N. Carolina, 1803; To Rush Co. from Ohio, 1838
Martha "Patsy" Brown Vaughn;  b. N. Carolina; To Rush Co. from Ohio, 1838
Salathiel Vickery;  b. N. Carolina, 1812; To Rush Co. from Ohio, 1820
Patience Watkins;  b. Virginia, ca. 1796; To Rush Co., 1840
Jacob Robert Welch;  b. Clay County, 1835;
Samuel Whitehead;  b. Pennsylvania, 1810; To Elkhart Co. from Ohio, 1836
Idema Anderson Lloyd Wickersham;  b. N. Carolina, 1809; To Wayne Co., 1826
Noah Wilson;  b. Bartholomew Co., 1827;
{In Civil War}
Benjamin Bennett Winburn;  b. N. Carolina, 1811; To Rush Co., 1837
Sarah Elisabeth Vaughn Winburn;  b. Ohio, 1832; To Rush Co., 1838
John Wines;  b. Virginia, 1796; To Union Co. from Tennessee, 1830
{To Shelby Co., by 1840}{Drummer in War of 1812}
Seth Winslow;  b. N. Carolina, 1807; To Wayne Co., 1828
{To Grant Co., 1829}{Conductor on the Underground Railroad}

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