Proven Ancestors Added in 2017

The following is a list of all new persons added to the database of qualified Pioneer Ancestors during 2017. This list is provided as a service to those potential Society members who want to easily check the names of possible qualifying ancestors who were added recently.    

Mary "Polly" Ann Helms Alexander; b. Jefferson Co., 1818;
Isabella Yeatman Anderson; b. Ohio, 1799; To Marion Co., 1821
James Anderson; b. New Jersey, 1830; To Hamilton Co., 1840
Lucinda Hoddy Anderson; b. Hamilton Co., 1834;
Thomas Anderson; b. New Jersey?, 1791-1800; To Marion Co. from Ohio, 1821
Ann Vestal Atkinson; b. N. Carolina, 1812; To Hendricks Co., 1834
John Atkinson; b. N. Carolina, 1808; To Hendricks Co., 1834
Daniel Bain; b. Virginia, ca. 1762; To Vigo Co. from Illinois, 1830
George Washington Bain; b. Illinois, 1828; To Vigo Co., 1830
Susannah Dosser/Dosher Bain; b. Virginia, ca. 1788; To Vigo Co. from Illinois, 1830
David Ball; b. Pennsylvania, 1780; To Posey Co. from Tennessee, 1820
Elizabeth Rutter Ball; b. Maryland, 1781; To Posey Co. from Kentucky, 1820
Margaret Elizabeth Schaeffer Barnett; b. Germany, 1803; To Clark Co., 1822
Elizabeth Cascadden Beatty; b. Pennsylvania, 1789; To Hamilton Co., 1840
Samuel Beatty; b. Pennsylvania, 1781; To Hamilton Co., 1840
Andrew S. Berg; b. Pennsylvania, ca. 1790; To Wayne Co., 1840
Benjamin Berg; b. Pennsylvania, 1819; To Wayne Co., 1840
Mary Hartman Berg; b. Pennsylvania, 1795; To Wayne Co., 1840
Mary Ann Watson Bragg; b. Ohio, 1822; To Randolph Co., 1833
Peter B Bragg; b. Tennessee, 1819; To Randolph Co., 1831
Caroline Adelia O'Neal Bruce; b. (Indiana), 1830; To Knox Co., 1850
William Perry Bruce; b. Knox County, 1825;
Richard Bull; b. Pennsylvania, 1785; To Kosciusko Co., 1837
Sarah Clark Bull; To Kosciusko Co., 1840
Rebecca Hevner Caldwell; b. Maryland, 1785; To Rush Co. from Pennsylvania, 1837
William Caldwell, Jr.; b. Pennsylvania, ca. 1815; To Rush Co., 1839
William Caldwell, Sr.; b. Pennsylvania, 1784; To Rush Co., 1837
Patrick Calvert; b. Tennessee, 1784; To Gibson Co., 1811{To Vanderburgh Co., 1816}
{In War of 1812; Battle of Tippecanoe} {Member of Grand Jury; Inspector for voting; Road Overseer}
James Carter; b. Pennsylvania, 1811; To Steuben Co., 1838{In Black Hawk War}
Samuel A. Cartwright; b. Sullivan Co., 1839;
Sarah Ledgerwood Cartwright; b. Sullivan Co., 1804;
William Cartwright; b. Virginia, 1801; To Sullivan Co., 1804
Elizabeth Brown Clements; b. Tennessee, 1788; To Wayne Co. from Ohio, 1817
Samuel Clements; b. Ohio, 1814; To Wayne Co., 1817
Samuel Copeland; To Jefferson Co. from Kentucky, 1814
Benjamin Grammer Crisman; b. Pennsylvania, 1814; To Porter Co. from Ohio, 1849
Elizabeth Baughman Crisman; b. Ohio, 1816; To Porter Co., 1849
Milton Crisman; b. Ohio, 1847; To Porter Co., 1849
James A. Curry; b. Switzerland Co., 1829;
Leander Defur; To Posey Co., 1810
Jehu Denny; b. N. Carolina, ca. 1794; To Hancock Co., 1830
Jacob Dilling; b. Pennsylvania, 1797; To Wayne Co., 1833
Leander Bartlett Eagles; b. New York, 1796; To Noble Co., 1838
William Weston Clarke Emison; b. en route from Kentucky, 1804; To Knox Co., 1804
John Evans; b. Pennsylvania, ca. 1782; To Boone Co. from Kentucky, 1840
Margaret Caldwell Evans; b. Pennsylvania, 1771; To Boone Co. from Kentucky, 1840
Alice "Elisie" Carter Fifield; b. New Hampshire, ca. 1802; To Porter Co. from Canada, 1841
Benjamin Fifield; b. New Hampshire, 1827; To Porter Co. from Canada, 1841
Susannah Choate Fifield; b. Massachusetts, 1769; To Porter Co. from New Hampshire & Canada, 1841
Thomas Hale Fifield; b. New Hampshire, 1802; To Porter Co. from Canada, 1841
Francis A. Fish; b. Miami Co., 1837; {Minister}
Barbara Shetterly Fisher; b. Pennsylvania, 1785; To Hamilton Co. from Ohio, 1829
Jesse Fisher; b. Pennsylvania, 1805; To Hamilton Co. from Ohio, 1829
John Fisher; b. New Jersey, 1782; To Hamilton Co. from Ohio, 1829
Mary Beatty Fisher; b. Pennsylvania, 1812; To Hamilton Co. from Ohio, 1829
Nathaniel Fitch; b. Pennsylvania, 1806; To Allen Co., 1832
Elizabeth "Betsy" Freel Foland; b. Maryland, 1799; To Fayette Co., 1820
Catherine Shively Foust; b. Ohio, 1832; To Rush Co., 1839
Catherine Vance Foust; b. Ohio, ca. 1804; To Rush Co., 1840
George Foust; b. Virginia, 1804; To Rush Co., 1840
Jacob Foust; b. Ohio, 1823; To Rush Co., 1839
Ludwig Lewis Foust; b. Pennsylvania, 1772; To Rush Co. from Virginia, 1833
N. Elizabeth Thomas Fowler; b. Tennessee, 1801-1805; To Posey Co., by 1822
Reileigh (Rawley/Rolly) D. Fowler; b. Illinois ?, ca. 1801; To Posey Co., prior to 1820
James Freel (O'Freel) ; b. Virginia, 1765; To Fayette Co. from Maryland, 1820
Jean Wood Freel (O'Freel) ; b. Maryland, 1765; To Fayette Co., 1820
Nathan Freeman; b. N. Carolina, 1793; To Wayne Co., 1830
Ephraim Gard; b. Pennsylvania, 1776; To Fayette Co. from Ohio, 1826 {In War of 1812}
Joseph Garrett; b. Wayne Co., 1837;
Jacob Goodman; b. Dubois Co., 1835;
Dorcas Clark Gossett; b. N. Carolina, 1782; To Hendricks Co., 1835
John Gossett; b. N. Carolina, 1778; To Hendricks Co., 1835
William Loman Gough; b. Virginia, 1811; To Delaware Co., 1837
James Graham; b. Pennsylvania, 1766; To Boone Co. from Kentucky, 1837
John Graham; b. Pennsylvania, 1784; To Switzerland Co. from Kentucky, 1819
John Hacker, Jr.; b. Virginia, 1773; To Shelby Co. from Ohio, 1833
Sarah "Sally" Ryker Helms; b. Kentucky, 1795; To Jefferson Co., 1808
Samuel Hill; b. Virginia, ca. 1772; To Fayette Co. from Tennessee, 1813
Benjamin Hodgin; b. N. Carolina, ca. 1814; To Randolph Co., 1838
Moses Hopper; To Jefferson Co. from Kentucky, 1808
William Huff; b. Kentucky, 1816; To Perry Co., 1838
John Imbler; b. N. Carolina, 1791; To Boone Co., 1835
Nimrod Kemper; b. Kentucky, 1789; To Marion Co., 1834
Adam Kern; b. N. Carolina, 1762; To Monroe Co. from Kentucky, 1825
John J. Kersey; b. Kentucky, 1807; To Boone Co., 1837
Jane McFadden Ledgerwood; To Sullivan Co. from Kentucky, 1804
James Wesley Locke; b. Randolph Co., 1829; {U.S. Postmaster; Justice of the peace; Township Trustee}
John Lowder; b. N. Carolina, 1805; To Randolph Co., 1840
Asa Martin, Sr.; b. Kentucky, 1790; To Martin Co., 1820
Jacob B. Mathews; b. Ohio, 1798; To Marion Co., 1833
Phebe Ann Evans Caldwell McDonald; b. Kentucky, 1819; To Boone Co., 1839 {To Rush Co., by 1840}
Andrew McGahee (McGahey) ; b. Pennsylvania, 1761; To Knox Co., 1788 {In War of Revolution}
Behethelon Strother Gaines McKay; b. Virginia, 1785; To Decatur Co., 1840
Frank Straud McKay; b. Kentucky, 1817; To Miami Co., 1840
Moses Floyd McKay; b. Virginia, 1780; To Decatur Co., 1840
Nancy Prior McKay; b. Decatur Co., 1824;
Joseph A. McReynolds; b. N. Carolina, 1762; To Posey Co. from Tennessee, 1832 {In War of Revolution}
Silas Mitchell; b. Kentucky, 1800; To Decatur Co., 1834
Hanna Foland Freel Morris; b. Hamilton Co., 1832;
John V. Morris; b. Massachusetts, 1787; To Hamilton Co. from Ohio, 1840
Lewis Morris; b. Pennsylvania, 1820; To Hamilton Co. from Ohio, 1840
Sarah Wyckoff Morris; b. New Jersey, 1797; To Hamilton Co. from Ohio, 1840
Nicholas C. Myers; b. Germany, 1804; To Miami Co., 1833 {Minister}
James Neal; b. Kentucky, 1776; To Knox Co., 1800 {In War of 1812; in Battle of Tippecanoe}
David Needler; b. Virginia, 1807; To Grant Co. from Ohio, 1834
George Needler; b. Germany, ca. 1775; To Grant Co. from Ohio, 1834
George Walter Needler; b. Grant Co., 1840;
Miranda Walters Needler; b. Ohio, 1823; To Grant Co., 1834
Abijah O'Neall; b. S. Carolina, 1798; To Montgomery Co. from Ohio, 1834
Joseph Oren; b. Pennsylvania, 1789; To Randolph Co. from Ohio, 1838
Eli Pendroy; b. N. Carolina, 1776; To Delaware Co. from Ohio, 1835
Mary A. Lop Pendroy; b. Virginia, 1775; To Delaware Co. from Ohio, 1835
Mary Parks Prior; b. Virginia, 1797; To Dearborn Co., 1820 {To Decatur Co., 1825}
Samuel Ramsey; b. Pennsylvania, 1808; To Miami Co. from Maryland, 1837
Phoebe Graham Reagan; b. Kentucky, 1819; To Switzerland Co., 1819
Herrod Risley; b. Knox Co., 1810;
Catharine Bitner Saltzman; b. Pennsylvania, 1800; To Posey Co., 1816
Eli Saltzman; b. Posey Co., 1825;
Mary Jane Fowler Saltzman; b. Posey Co., 1833;
Michael Saltzman; b. Pennsylvania, 1786; To Posey Co., 1816
Joel Sanderson; b. Vermont, 1816; To LaGrange Co. from Ohio, 1844
Christina Elisabeth "Louisa" Eiseman Schaefer; b. Germany, 1778; To Clark Co., 1822
Johann (John) Christian Schaefer (Shaffer) ; b. Germany, 1766; To Clark Co., 1822
John Shirkey Shanklin; b. Virginia, 1811; To Carroll Co., 1837
David Shearer; b. N. Carolina, 1782; To Huntington Co., 1834 {Minister of the German Reformed Church}
Mary Barbara LaRose Shearer; b. N. Carolina; To Huntington Co., 1840
Jacob Shively; b. Pennsylvania, 1799; To Rush Co., by 1840
Philip Shutt; b. Maryland, 1807; To Huntington Co. from Ohio, 1840
Rachel Shearer Shutt; b. Ohio, 1813; To Huntington Co., 1840
Andrew Sigler; b. Kentucky, 1803; To Putnam Co., 1821
Ulery Siler; b. Pennsylvania, 1770; To Rush Co. from Ohio, 1840
David Smith; To Shelby Co. from Ohio, 1835
William Spears; b. Orange Co., 1834; To Crawford Co., probably by 1840
Elizabeth Rhebarth Stephens (Stevens) ; b. N. Carolina, 1772; To Wayne Co., ca. 1814
Hannah Hill Stephens; b. Tennessee, 1807; To Fayette Co., 1827
Mary Fouts Stephens (Stevens) ; To Wayne Co. from N. Carolina, ca. 1814 {To Union Co., by 1830}
Solomon Stephens; b. (Indiana), 1839; To Rush Co., 1839
William Riley Stephens (Stevens) ; b. N. Carolina, 1796; To Wayne Co., ca. 1814 {To Union Co., by 1830}
Mary Elizabeth Snyder Stevens; b. Union Co., 1834;
Nehemiah Edmond Stites; b. Ohio, 1813; To Jefferson Co., 1830
Simon Summers; b. Kentucky, 1813; To Union Co., 1832
James Tolin; b. Virginia, 1780; To Marion Co. from Ohio, 1833
Lucy Eagles Upson; b. New York, 1818; To Noble Co., 1838
Jacob VanMeter; b. Virginia, 1798; To Fayette Co. from Ohio, 1824
Levi VanMeter; b. Virginia, ca. 1823; To Fayette Co. from Ohio, 1830
Mary Catherine Smith VanMeter; b. (Indiana), 1829; To Hancock Co., 1840
Mary Worley VanMeter; To Fayette Co. from Ohio, 1812
Ruth Worley VanMeter; b. Virginia, 1797; To Fayette Co. from Ohio, 1828
Isaac J. Wade; b. Posey Co., 1840; {In Civil War}
Joshua Wade; b. ca. 1765, S. Carolina; To Posey Co. from Kentucky, 1817
Joshua Carter Wade; b. Posey Co., 1818;
Mary Polly Bennett Wade; b. (Indiana), 1822; To Posey Co., by 1839
Polly Commer Wade; b. S. Carolina, ca. 1772; To Posey Co. from Kentucky, by 1817
Absalom Wafford; b. Kentucky, ca. 1813; To Decatur Co., 1837 {To Bartholomew Co., by 1840}
Martha Jane Ball Wallace; b. Kentucky, 1815; To Posey Co., ca. 1830
Archibald Wallace; b. N. Carolina, 1785; To Posey Co. from Tennessee, 1832
Harbert/Herbert/Harbut/Halbert Wallace; b. Tennessee or Kentucky, 1810; To Posey Co. from Tennessee, 1834
Margaret Henrietta McReynolds Wallace; b. N. Carolina, 1794; To Posey Co. from Tennessee, 1832
Morgan Wallace; b. S. Carolina, 1796; To Daviess Co., 1808
William Ward; To Daviess Co. from N. Carolina, 1820
John Watson; b. Virginia, 1770-1780; To Vigo Co. from Kentucky, 1828 {In War of 1812}
Nancy Lindsey Watson; b. Virginia, ca. 1794; To Randolph Co. from Ohio, 1833
Richard Watts; b. Ohio, 1805; To Henry Co., 1827 {To Marion Co., by 1829}
Samuel White; b. Switzerland Co., 1820;  {In Civil War}
James York; b. Posey Co., 1826;
Samuel York; b. N. Carolina, 1766; To Posey Co., 1820
William York; b. N. Carolina, 1806; To Posey Co., 1820

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