Proven Ancestors Added in 2016

The following is a list of all new persons added to the database of qualified Pioneer Ancestors during 2016. This list is provided as a service to those potential Society members who want to easily check the names of possible qualifying ancestors who were added recently.    

Zachariah Albaugh, III; b. Maryland, ca. 1762; To Union Co. from Ohio, prior to 1837
Hugh Allen, Jr.; b. Pennsylvania, 1793; To Wayne Co., 1822
Elizabeth Perkins Amos; b. Rush Co., 1822;
Elizabeth Stevenson Anderson; b. New Jersey, 1795; To Hamilton Co. from Ohio, 1831
Henry Anderson; b. New Jersey, 1797; To Hamilton Co. from Ohio, 1831
Moses Aaron Archer; b. Fayette Co., 1832; To Henry Co., 1834 {To Greene Co., 1840}
Charles Bisbee; b. Massachusetts, 1757; To Dearborn Co. from Maine, 1818
David Bradbury; b. New Jersey, 1760; To Wayne Co. from Ohio, 1815
Zachariah Briant (Bryant) ; b. Virginia, 1765; To Spencer Co. from Kentucky, 1837
{In War of Revolution}
John Brown; b. N. Carolina, 1782; To Orange Co. from Tennessee, 1815
Preserve Brown; b. New Jersey, 1789; To Fountain Co. from Ohio, 1836
Ephraim Broyles; b. Virginia, 1781; To Rush Co., 1834 {To Delaware Co., 1837} {In War of 1812}
George Burket (Burkit) ; b. Henry Co., 1827; To Cass Co., 1834
Solomon Burket; b. N. Carolina, ca. 1787; To Henry Co. from Ohio, 1825 {To Cass Co., 1834}
{Minister; organized the Crooked Creek Christian Church which initially met in his home}
Eli Butler; b. Georgia, 1778; To Wayne Co., 1814
Thomas Carpenter, III; b. Virginia, 1781; To Harrison Co. from Tennessee, 1818
{To Greene Co., 1830}
Landon Carter; b. N. Carolina, 1807; To Fayette Co., 1838
Johann Daniel Cawein; b. Germany, 1791; To Shelby Co., 1833
Nicholaus Chapard; To Knox Co. from Northwest Territory, 1765
William Charles; b. S. Carolina, ca. 1789; To Orange Co., 1811
Hiram Clark; b. Ohio, 1799; To Montgomery Co., 1831
Robert Coleman; b. Virginia, 1760; To Shelby Co. from Kentucky, 1835
Samuel Joseph Cones; b. Kentucky, 1797; To Rush Co., 1822
Sarah Gregg Cones; b. Kentucky, 1806; To Rush Co., 1822
Daniel Cornell; b. Canada, 1794; To Fountain Co., 1835
Louis Crepeau; b. Canada, 1721; To Knox Co., 1749 {Signed Oath of Allegiance}
Henry Critser; b. Virginia, 1793; To Decatur Co. from Ohio, 1832 {In War of 1812}
William Critser; b. Virginia, ca. 1791; To Bartholomew Co. from Ohio, 1834
Lydia Cox Daugherty; b. Pennsylvania, 1762; To Delaware Co. from Ohio, 1828-29
Stephen Davis; b. Northwest Territory, 1795; To Franklin Co. from Ohio, 1817
John Diehl; b. Ohio, 1818; To Randolph Co., 1836
{Physician; one of first doctors in Randolph Co.}
David Dill; b. Ireland, 1795; To Fayette Co. from Pennsylvania, 1822
Jane Lyons Dill; b. Ohio, 1807; To Fayette Co., 1838
Frances Jane Shank Dougherty; b. Pennsylvania, 1787; To Wayne Co., 1816
James Dougherty, Jr.; b. Delaware, 1785; To Wayne Co. from probably Pennsylvania, 1816
Jacob Earlywine; b. Kentucky, 1787; To Rush Co., 1824-29
David Edwards; b. N. Carolina, 1790; To Henry Co., 1834
James Elburn; b. Maryland, 1804; To Franklin Co., 1840
Lewis Elijah; b. New York, 1794; To Jackson Co., prior to 1840
Joseph Elliott; b. N. Carolina, 1802; To Montgomery Co., 1832
Robert Crawford Fair; b. N. Carolina, 1800; To Shelby Co., 1828
Amos Fox; b. Virginia, ca. 1775; To Madison Co. from Kentucky, 1840 {To Henry Co., by 1842}
{In War of 1812}
James Frazier; b. probably New Jersey, 1791; To Fountain Co. from Ohio, 1824
John Funican; b. Ireland, ca. 1797-1799; To Putnam Co., 1839
Joseph Ghormley; b. Pennsylvania, 1797; To Floyd Co. from Alabama, 1830
William Glidewell; b. Virginia, 1760; To Franklin Co., 1810 {To Shelby Co., by 1830}
{In War of Revolution}
Robert Gullion; b. Maryland or Virginia, 1764; To Switzerland Co. from Kentucky, 1799
{In War of Revolution}
Abraham A. Hall; b. Virginia, 1810; To Warren Co., 1830
Hester Campbell Hall; b. Ohio, 1810; To Warren Co., 1832
Benjamin Parsons Hann; b. New Jersey, 1816; To Wayne Co., 1820
John/Johannes Hann; b. New Jersey, 1786; To Wayne Co., 1820
Mary Ann Dougherty Hann; b. Wayne Co., 1818;
Phoebe Parsons Hann; b. New Jersey, 1786; To Wayne Co., 1820
Daniel Harrah; b. Virginia, 1783; To Greene Co. from Kentucky, 1831
Armistead Apperson Hatfield; b. Tennessee, 1809; To Greene Co., ca. 1830
Jacob Hatfield; b. Virginia, ca. 1806; To Parke Co., 1822 {To Vigo Co., 1828}
Phebe Allen Hinshaw; b. N. Carolina, 1789; To Randolph Co., 1832
Catharine McClintock Hoddy; b. Ohio, 1800; To Hamilton Co., 1831
Elias Hoddy; b. Ohio, 1802; To Hamilton Co., 1830
Thomas Holland; b. Pennsylvania, 1814; To Putnam Co., 1837
John Holler; b. Pennsylvania, 1763; To Washington Co. from N. Carolina, 1830
{In War of Revolution}
Ahijah Hubbell; b. New Jersey, 1786; To Fayette Co. from Ohio, 1818 {To Henry Co., 1834}
{To Owen Co., 1840}
Charity Harris Hubbell; b. Virginia, 1805; To Fayette Co., 1827{To Henry Co., 1834}
{To Greene Co., 1840}
John Hubbell; b. Connecticut, 1754; To Fayette Co. from Ohio, 1818 {To Henry Co., 1834}
{In War of Revolution}
Mary Robinson Hubbell; b. New Jersey, 1759; To Fayette Co. from Ohio, 1818
{To Henry Co., 1834}
Sarah Sally Jacobs Hubbell; b. Pennsylvania, 1786; To Fayette Co. from Ohio, 1818
{To Henry Co., 1834}{To Owen Co., 1840}
William Hubbell; b. Ohio, 1805; To Fayette Co., 1818 {To Henry Co., 1834}{To Greene Co., 1840}
Daniel Humphreys; b. Gibson Co., 1827;
Joseph Humphreys; b. Virginia or Kentucky, ca.1785; To Gibson Co. from Kentucky, 1808
Margaret "Peggy" Lynn Humphreys; b. Virginia, 1792; To Gibson Co., 1808
Edward Hutton; b. Pennsylvania, 1806; To Jennings Co. from Ohio, 1838
John Thomas Jackson; b. Kentucky, 1810; To Sullivan Co., 1837-38
Benjamin J. Keaton; b. Pennsylvania, 1811; To Shelby Co., 1837
John Blake Kelshaw; b. Virginia, 1795; To Greene Co., 1820
John Kimbley; b. Kentucky, 1785; To Lawrence Co., 1825
John King; b. Kentucky, 1776; To Putnam Co., 1833
William Kirlin; b. Virginia, 1790; To Wayne Co., 1836 {In War of 1812}
Rachael Ann Klinger; b. Allen Co., 1828;
Aaron Lambert; b. Wayne Co., 1828;
Arminda M. Lee Lambert; b. Vigo Co., 1834;
William C. Lambert; b. Ohio, 1800; To Wayne Co., 1828
Miles H. Larimore; b. Virginia, 1793; To Fayette Co., 1820
Jonathan Latham; To Knox Co. from Virginia, 1807
James Ledgerwood; b. Virginia, 1753; To Sullivan Co. from Kentucky, 1804
{In War of Revolution; scout for Capt. John Francis Hamtramck}
Elizabeth Harriet Ray Lee; b. Ohio, 1815; To Vigo Co., 1818
Henry Lee; b. Virginia, 1769; To Vigo Co. from Ohio, 1832
Jonathan Lee, M.D.; b. Ohio, 1809; To Vigo Co., 1832
Joseph LeFavour; To Marion Co. from Massachusetts, 1826 {To Delaware Co., 1836}
Simeon Bluford Lewis; b. Virginia, ca. 1799; To Orange Co. from Kentucky, 1830 {Minister}
Thomas Lloyd Lucas; b. Monroe Co., 1819;
Absalom Lynn; b. probably Virginia, ca. 1765; To Knox Co. from Virginia, 1807
Jane Jenne Latham Lynn; b. probably Virginia, ca. 1770; To Knox Co. from Virginia, 1807
Jacob Maddux; b. Ohio, 1818; To Wells Co., 1840
Seth Manes; b. Tennessee, ca. 1814; To Owen Co., 1835
Joseph Marsh; b. Ohio, 1833; To Randolph Co., 1840
Lemuel Daniel Martin; b. Kentucky, 1806; To Washington Co., 1834
Michael Paul Matthews; b. Ireland, 1804; To Daviess Co. from Maryland, 1839
Thomas McClung; b. Virginia, 1808; To Brown Co., 1837{To Sullivan Co., 1839}
Malinda Neff McKinley; b. Virginia, 1806; To Delaware Co. from Ohio, 1837
William McKinley; b. Virginia, 1804; To Delaware Co. from Ohio, 1837
Obediah V. Meredith; b. Delaware, 1792; To Rush Co. from Kentucky, 1834
Frederick Miller; b. Pennsylvania, 1784; To Wells Co. from Ohio, 1836
Jacob Miller; b. Pennsylvania, 1814; To Wells Co. from Ohio, 1825
Mary Ann Sutton Miller; b. Ohio, 1820; To Wells Co., 1839
Susannah Paulus Miller; b. Pennsylvania, 1787; To Wells Co. from Ohio, 1836
Ruth Lindsey Mock; b. Virginia, 1790; To Randolph Co. from Ohio, 1824
James Monroney (Manroney) ; b. Kentucky, 1796; To Dearborn Co., 1820
Henry Myers; b. Pennsylvania, 1786; To Whitley Co. from Ohio, 1838 {In War of 1812}
James Nicholson; b. Ireland, 1768; To Elkhart Co. from Virginia, 1828
John Nigh; b. Virginia, 1796; To Shelby Co. from Ohio, 1828
Benjamin Nine; b. Pennsylvania, 1799; To Fountain Co., 1826
James Noble; b. Maryland, 1801; To Rush Co. from Ohio, 1834
Ashel (Asahel) O'Haver; b. Ohio, 1802; To Sullivan Co., 1838
Bathsheba Elizabeth McGlamery Oilar; b. Virginia, 1770; To Tippecanoe Co. from Ohio, by 1830
{Daughter of Lydia Lincoln McClamery who was sister of President Abraham Lincoln's grandfather.}
Daniel Osborn; b. Ohio, 1791; To Fountain Co., 1822
{In War of 1812} {Built "Osborn saw mill" on Coal Creek}
Deborah Williams Pettycrew; b. Wayne Co., 1814;
Samuel Jackson Pettycrew; To Wayne Co., by 1840
Elizabeth Ward Pierce; b. N. Carolina, 1790; To Randolph Co. from Ohio, 1819
Martha Ann Mock Pierce; b. Ohio, 1821; To Randolph Co., 1824
Uriah Pierce; b. Ohio, 1818; To Randolph Co., 1819
James Pogue; b. Kentucky, 1795; To Knox Co., 1815 {To Sullivan Co., 1819}
Nehemiah Pollitt; b. Maryland, 1787; To Shelby Co. from Kentucky, 1835
Pierre Queret; b. Canada, 1739; To Knox Co., 1763
William Ray; b. Kentucky, 1787; To Vigo Co. from Ohio, 1818
John Reed; b. Ohio, 1809; To Delaware Co., 1939
Nancy Dragoo Reed; b. Ohio, 1814; To Delaware Co., 1939
John Risley, Sr.; b. New Jersey, ca. 1738; To Knox Co. from Kentucky, 1803
George Washington Rose; b. New Jersey, ca. 1814; To Henry Co. from Ohio, 1832
Joseph Rouse; b. Virginia, 1750; To Marion Co. from Kentucky, 1833 {In War of Revolution}
Amanda Bean Rupley; b. Fayette Co., 1833; To Wabash Co., by 1835
William Sanders; b. Georgia, 1778; To Marion Co. from Ohio, 1830
Henry Sefton; b. Ohio, 1808; To Decatur Co., 1824
Joseph Cleveland Sherman; b. Jefferson Co., 1822;
Nathaniel Sherman; b. Rhode Island, 1783; To Jefferson Co. from New York, 1816
Joseph Shields; b. Ohio, 1807; To Allen Co., 1834
John Sims; b. Virginia, 1808; To Vermillion Co., 1836
Isaiah Slaven; b. Virginia, 1762; To Putnam Co. from Kentucky, 1833
Ebenezer Smith; b. S. Carolina, 1804; To Rush Co., 1835
Edwin Davis Smith; b. Dearborn Co., 1811;
Henry Harden Smith; b. Kentucky, 1799; To Harrison Co., 1823
John Smith; b. Virginia?, 1767; To Harrison Co. from Kentucky, 1816
Mary Cochran Smith; b. Kentucky, 1811; To Hendricks Co., 1840
Rial/Ryall Smith; b. Kentucky, 1806; To Hendricks Co., 1840
Benjamin Stafford, Sr.; b. Ohio, 1810; To Monroe Co., 1818 {To Morgan Co., 1820}
James Mahlon Stafford; b. Carolinas, 1801; To Daviess Co., 1812
Spencer Lewis Stevens; b. Union Co., 1831;
Ashbel Stone; b. Massachusetts, 1785; To Shelby Co. from New York, 1822
Thomas Stroud; b. N. Carolina, 1771; To Crawford Co., 1806
John S. Stults; b. New Jersey, 1810; To Jay Co. from Ohio, 1837
Joshua Tatlock; b. N. Carolina, 1775; To Washington Co., 1814
Thornton Thompson; b. Kentucky, 1802; To Parke Co., 1836
Lewis Thurston; b. Pennsylvania, 1806; To Franklin Co., 1830
Sylvester Town (Towne) ; b. New York, 1819; To Shelby Co., 1840
Margery Piggott Ward; b. N. Carolina, 1759; To Randolph Co. from Ohio, 1819
Andrew Jackson Whiteman; b. Kentucky, 1816; To Jackson Co., 1839
Mary (Polly) A. Newkirk Whiteman; b. probably Jackson Co., 1820;
George Whitesell; b. N. Carolina, 1797; To Randolph Co. from Ohio, 1836 {In War of 1812}
Charity Adams Williams; b. N. Carolina, 1785; To Franklin Co., 1804{To Wayne Co., 1813-14}
John Smith Wilsey; b. New Jersey, 1777; To Gibson Co. from Illinois, 1821
Keziah Brewer Wine; b. N. Carolina, 1818; To Randolph Co., 1840
Keziah Bray Woodward; b. Jefferson Co., 1816; To Orange Co., prior to 1820 {To Vigo Co., 1822}
{To Morgan Co., prior to 1825}
William Henry Presley Woodward; b. Virginia, 1816; To Morgan

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