Proven Ancestors Added in 2015

The following is a list of all new persons added to the database of qualified Pioneer Ancestors during 2015. This list is provided as a service to those potential Society members who want to easily check the names of possible qualifying ancestors who were added recently.    

Gideon Amick; b. N. Carolina, 1812; To Clark Co., 1820
John Dick Amick; b. Clark Co., 1839;
Margaret Black Amick; b. N. Carolina, 1786; To Clark Co., 1818
Martha W. Rodgers Amick; b. (Indiana), 1813; To Clark Co., 1834
Joseph App; b. Pennsylvania, 1822; To Clinton Co., 1839
Philip Ariens; b. border of France/Germany, 1781; To Franklin Co., 1833
Ann Stephenson Armfield; b. probably Pennsylvania, ca. 1776; To Wayne Co. from N. Carolina, 1835
Isaac Armfield; b. N. Carolina, 1814; To Wayne Co., 1835
{To Madison Co., by 1837}
Jacob Armfield; b. N. Carolina, ca. 1775; To Wayne Co., 1835
Margaret Ann Riley Armfield; b. Ohio, 1813; To Wayne Co., 1835
{To Madison Co., by 1837}
Roswell Baden; b. Maryland, 1768; To Fayette Co. from Ohio, 1820
{To Union Co., by 1827}{To Decatur Co., 1834}
Ann "Nancy" Settle Ballenger; b. Virginia, 1787; To Wayne Co. from Ohio, 1816
Daniel Ballenger; b. Tennessee, ca. 1798; To Wabash Co., 1834-35
{Associate Judge in circuit court; commissioner}
Etienne (Stephen) Banet; b. France, 1795; To Floyd Co., 1837
Henry Alexander Batman; b. Virginia, 1775; To Harrison Co. from Kentucky, 1810
Aaron Belding (Belden/Beldon) ; b. Maine, 1770; To Clark Co., 1805
Aaron Oliver Belding (Belden/Beldon) ; b. Maine, 1796; To Jackson Co., 1816
{In War of 1812}
Charity Stevens Belding (Belden/Beldon) ; b. Maine, 1776; To Clark Co., 1805
John Fislar Belding (Beldon) ; b. Jackson Co., 1826;
Mary Ann "Polly" Edwards Belding (Beldon) ; b. Jackson Co., 1831;
Sarah Fislar Belding (Beldon) ; b. Clark Co., 1801; To Jackson Co., 1816
Noah Bridwell; b. Virginia, 1797; To Lawrence Co. from Kentucky, 1827
John William Butler; b. Randolph Co., 1838;
Benjamin Perry Butts; To Clark Co., 1823
Absalom Carr; b. Pennsylvania, 1786; To Clark Co., 1820
Jane Weir Carr; b. Virginia, 1792; To Clark Co., 1820
William Catt; b. Knox Co., 1819;
Richard Clements; b. Maryland, 1776; To Wayne Co. from Ohio, 1817
Susannah Neher Cline; b. Pennsylvania, 1787; To Elkhart Co. from Virginia, 1840
James H. Collier; b. Virginia, 1769; To Bartholomew Co. from Kentucky, 1835
Nancy Boss Collings; b. Kentucky, ca. 1788; To Clark Co., 1809
Zebulon Collings; b. Kentucky, 1781; To Clark Co., 1798
Caspar Conrad; b. Germany, 1799; To Kosciusko Co. from Ohio, 1840
Timothy Cornelison; b. N. Carolina, 1795; To Clinton Co. from Ohio, 1829
Benjamin Franklin Corpe; b. New York, 1803; To Elkhart Co. from Ohio, 1835
Asbury S. Corya; b. Jennings Co., 1838;
Philip Corya; To Jennings Co. from Pennsylvania, 1820
Zerelda Jane Stratton Corya; b. Kentucky, ca. 1823; To Jennings Co., 1837
David William Coy; b. Maryland, 1756; To Switzerland Co. from Kentucky, 1832
{In War of Revolution}
Benjamin C. Cripe; b. Ohio, 1819; To Elkhart Co., 1829
Elizabeth Dell Cripe; b. Ohio, 1819; To Elkhart Co., by 1838
Samuel Cripe; b. probably Ohio or Kentucky, ca. 1799; To Elkhart Co. from Ohio, 1829
John Davis; b. Virginia, 1800; To Tippecanoe Co. from Ohio, 1829
{To Clinton Co., by 1834}
John Dell; b. Pennsylvania, 1784; To Elkhart Co. from Ohio, 1840
George Donner; b. N. Carolina, 1786; To Jefferson Co. from Kentucky, 1820
{To Decatur Co., by 1821}
{In Black Hawk War}
Lorenzo Doud; b. New York, 1807; To Miami Co., 1840
Lydia Hicks Doud; b. New York, 1820; To Miami Co., 1840
Charles Duncan; b. N. Carolina, 1810; To Hendricks Co., 1832
{To Morgan Co., by 1834}
Elizabeth Eaton; To Posey Co. from Kentucky, by 1817
George Eaton; To Posey Co. from Kentucky, by 1817
George W. Eaton; b. Posey Co., 1821;
Isabella Ross Eaton; b. Ireland, ca. 1797; To Posey Co., 1820
Matilda Williams Eaton; b. Posey Co., 1828;
Thomas Eaton; b. Kentucky, 1790; To Posey Co., 1817
Florentina Edwards; b. Randolph Co., 1840;
Pally (Pallie) Hamilton Edwards; b. N. Carolina, 1798; To Wayne Co., 1821
Rachel Collings Edwards; b. Scott Co., 1808;
Sarah McNeal Edwards; b. Wayne Co., 1820;
William Edwards; b. Kentucky, 1807; To Jackson Co., 1820
Zebulon Edwards; b. N. Carolina, 1818; To Wayne Co., 1821
{To Randolph Co., by 1822}
Ruth VanSchoiack Evans; b. Kentucky, 1802; To Putnam Co., 1822
James Foster; b. Kentucky, 1810; To Montgomery Co., 1828
Noah Fouts; b. N. Carolina, 1801; To Carroll Co. from Ohio, 1833
{To Cass Co., by 1838}
James French; b. Ohio, 1802; To Montgomery Co., 1830
Eunice Macy Gardner; b. Massachusetts, 1762; To Union Co. from N. Carolina, 1818
Isaac Gardner; b. Massachusetts, 1761; To Union Co. from N. Carolina, 1818
Jane Falls Gilmore; b. Virginia, 1768; To Clark Co. from Kentucky, 1818
John Gilmore; b. Pennsylvania, 1769; To Clark Co. from Kentucky, 1818
Charles Goldenburg; b. Virginia, 1814; To Switzerland Co., 1840
Dora Boyd Goldenburg; b. Ireland, 1814; To Switzerland Co. from Virginia, 1840
William Goldenburg; b. Virginia, 1835; To Switzerland Co., 1840
Henrietta Cannon Handy; To Hancock Co. from Kentucky, 1828
George Hardwick; b. Kentucky, 1801; To Lawrence Co., 1824
Nehemiah Hayden; b. New Jersey, 1800; To Lake Co. from Ohio, 1837
James Henderson; b. S. Carolina, 1788; To Orange Co. from N. Carolina, 1815
Willis (Wyllys) Hill; To Jefferson Co., 1827
{To Miami Co., by 1837}
Jacob Honn; b. N. Carolina, 1775; To Washington Co., 1815
Saunders Hornbrook, Jr.; b. England, ca. 1795; To Vanderburgh Co., 1818
John Peter Hosier; b. Pennsylvania, 1780; To Madison Co., 1822
Musidora Swain Huddleston; b. Union Co., 1832;
Thomas F. Huddleston; b. Union Co., 1830;
Elizabeth Smith Immel; b. Pennsylvania, ca. 1793; To Union Co., 1830
Joseph Immel; b. Maryland, 1793; To Union Co. from Pennsylvania, 1830
John Jackson; b. Virginia or New Jersey, 1801; To Jefferson Co. from Tennessee, 1822
Levi Jennings; b. Virginia, 1771; To Tippecanoe Co. from Ohio, 1833
Jacob Jones; b. N. Carolina, 1792; To Henry Co., 1830
Alexander Coleman Keach; b. Kentucky, 1821; To Washington Co., by 1840
{To Jackson Co., by 1842}
Susan Hall Fislar Keach; b. Clark Co., 1824;
Susannah (Hannah) Mead Keach; b. Virginia, 1801; To Washington Co., 1830
Jesse King; b. Virginia, 1780; To Marion Co., 1840
Benjamin Heckman Kinsey; b. Ohio, 1809; To Wayne Co., 1837
Sarah DeCoursey/Decourse Kirby; b. Maryland, ca. 1780; To Switzerland Co. from Ohio, 1820
Philip Edward Kramer; b. Ohio, 1829; To Clinton Co., 1832
{Justice of Peace; Township Clerk}
Eleanor Harper Lafuze; b. Pennsylvania, 1776; To Union Co., 1813
Elizabeth Immel Lafuze; b. Pennsylvania, 1820; To Union Co., 1830
Samuel Lafuze; b. Pennsylvania, 1806; To Union Co., 1813
John Laidlaw; b. Scotland, 1812; To St. Joseph Co. from New York, 1836
Samuel C. Lecklider; b. Maryland, 1804; To Tippecanoe Co. from Ohio, 1830
Thomas Greene Lee; b. Tennessee, 1799; To Bartholomew Co. from Missouri, 1823
{Member State Legislature}
Henry Lipp; b. Virginia, ca. 1794; To Clinton Co. from Ohio, 1829
Vincent Lockman, Sr.; b. N. Carolina, 1760; To Jackson Co. from Kentucky, 1811
{In War of Revolution}
Samuel Marshall; b. N. Carolina, 1785; To Henry Co. from Tennessee, 1834
{In War of 1812}
Arthur Maxwell; b. LaPorte Co., 1836;
Thomas McCammack; b. Virginia, 1782; To Putnam Co., 1837
Samuel McCammon; b. Sullivan Co., 1823;
Julia Carr McCosky; b. Clark Co., 1818;
Thomas McCosky; b. Kentucky, 1810; To Washington Co., 1835
{To Clark Co., by 1840}
Thomas McQueen; b. Maryland, 1761; To Bartholomew Co., 1830
{In War of Revolution}
Priscilla Newland Mead; b. Pennsylvania, 1781; To Washington Co. from Virginia, 1830
Rhodes Mead; b. Virginia, 1780; To Washington Co., 1830
Charlotte Shoemaker Mechling; b. Pennsylvania, 1780; To Elkhart Co., 1835
Isaac Moore; b. Floyd Co., 1828;
Francis G. Morgan; b. Wayne Co., 1828;
David Myers; b. probably N. Carolina, 1790; To Morgan Co., 1827
Cornelius Newkirk; b. Kentucky, 1770; To Crawford Co., 1820
Sarah Kivett Pearson; b. Posey Co., 1821;
Noah Perry; b. (Indiana), 1815; To Hancock Co., by 1834
{To Johnson Co., by 1840}
{Sheriff of Johnson County}
Ann Kirby Pleasants; b. Ohio, 1813; To Switzerland Co., 1820-21
Charlotte Singer Pleasants; b. Switzerland Co., 1833;
James Kirby Pleasants; b. Switzerland Co., 1829;
Hugh T. Porter; b. S. Carolina, ca. 1795; To Greene Co., 1840
Jonathan Potts; b. Virginia, 1780; To Montgomery Co. from Maryland, prior to 1831
Elizabeth Barnes Rhodes; b. Virginia, 1788; To Perry Co. from Kentucky, 1812
Henry Rhodes; b. Kentucky, 1792; To Perry Co., 1812
Martha H. "Patsy" Brewer Rodgers; b. Tennessee, 1785; To Clark Co., 1820
Samuel Houston Rodgers; b. Tennessee, 1784; To Clark Co., 1820
Joseph Scott, Jr.; b. N. Carolina, 1787; To Putnam Co. from Tennessee, 1831
Benjamin Shaw; b. Massachusetts, 1784; To St. Joseph Co. from Ohio, 1840
Dorothea Sheets Singer; b. Germany, 1788; To Switzerland Co. from Pennsylvania, 1820
Richard Lee Skelton; b. Kentucky, 1828; To Montgomery Co., 1834
Eunice Gardner Swain; b. N. Carolina, 1801; To Union Co., 1818
Miriam Gardner Swain; b. Massachusetts, 1767; To Union Co. from N. Carolina, 1820
Silvanus Swain; b. Massachusetts, 1763; To Union Co. from N. Carolina, 1820
Sarah Butts Swinehart; b. Pennsylvania, 1832; To Elkhart Co., 1835
Addis Thomas; b. Cass Co., 1838;
Albert Tompkins; b. New York, ca. 1808; To Switzerland Co., by 1840
Benjamin Turley; b. Virginia, ca. 1783; To Washington Co. from Kentucky, 1814
{To Orange Co., by 1816}{To Lawrence Co., by1820}
Andrew Bronson Upson; b. Connecticut, 1793; To Noble Co. from New York, 1838
{In War of 1812}
William Henry Upson; b. New York, 1818; To Noble Co., 1838
James Franklin Vaughan; b. Virginia, 1826; To Montgomery Co. from Kentucky, 1834
Rachel Martindale Ward; b. Ohio, 1803; To Wabash Co., 1820
Nicholas Wathen; b. Maryland, 1787; To Daviess Co. from Kentucky, 1835
Francis M. "Frank" Wilkey; b. Jackson Co., 1813;
Otey Wilkins; b. N. Carolina, 1812; To Shelby Co., 1837
Isaac Willett; b. Virginia, 1795; To Hancock Co. from Kentucky, 1830
{County Commissioner}
Enoch Williams; b. N. Carolina, 1794; To Posey Co., 1819
Lydia Lowe Williams; b. Maryland, 1792; To Posey Co., 1819
Martin Wright; b. N. Carolina, ca. 1801; To Union Co., 1821
{Martin and wife, Polly Cartwright, were first couple to file for marriage license in Union Co.}
David Andrew Young; b. Jackson Co., 1839;
Jacob Young; b. N. Carolina, after 1765; To Jackson Co. from Kentucky, 1834
{In War of Revolution}
William Harrison Young; b. Kentucky, 1812; To Jackson Co., 1831 {Minister; Founded Freedom Church Missionary Baptist Church}

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