Proven Ancestors Added in 2014

The following is a list of all new persons added to the database of qualified Pioneer Ancestors during 2014. This list is provided as a service to those potential Society members who want to easily check the names of possible qualifying ancestors who were added recently.    

Leonard Acre; b. N. Carolina, ca. 1799; To Orange Co. from Alabama, 1830
Margery Ballard; To Orange Co. from Kentucky, 1830
John Banister; b. N. Carolina, 1794; To Rush Co., by 1822
Arvilla Bradford Barron; b. Vermont, 1792; To Steuben Co. from New Hampshire, 1836
DeLafayette Barron; b. New Hampshire, 1793; To Steuben Co., 1836
Robert M. Beaty; b. Tennessee, 1792; To Dubois Co. from Kentucky, 1840
Nimrod S. Beaver; b. Kentucky, ca. 1811; To Washington Co., 1832
{To Lawrence Co., by 1840}
Abel Bennett (Bennit) ; b. Shelby Co., 1830;
Mary Polly Askern Bennett (Bennit) ; b. Ohio, 1791; To Shelby Co., 1829
Emily Wilson Bickel (Bickle) ; b. Kentucky, 1814; To Wayne Co., 1826
{To Henry Co., by 1840}
Edmund Bowman; b. N. Carolina, 1792; To Wayne Co., 1832
{Teacher; school house in Westfield bore his name}
Mary Polly Davis Breeden; b. Kentucky, 1799; To Orange Co., 1830
Jacob Butts; b. Pennsylvania, 1809; To LaGrange Co., 1834
Susannah Mechling Butts; b. Pennsylvania, 1809; To Elkhart Co., 1835
Edwin May Byrkit; b. Marion Co., 1839;
{In Civil War, in Battle of Stone's River}
Hannah Waggoner Byrkit; b. Ohio, 1814; To Marion Co., 1835
John Cagle; b. N. Carolina, 1778; To Clay Co., 1831
Ellison Cale (Cahill, Cahil) ; b. Kentucky?, 1793; To Posey Co. from Kentucky, 1818
{In War of 1812} {Founder of Poseyville}
Nancy Ann Hendren Campbell; b. Virginia, 1750; To Crawford Co. from Kentucky, 1820
William R. Campbell; b. Virginia, 1756; To Crawford Co. from Kentucky, 1820
{In War of Revolution}
Jonathan J. Carr; b. Pennsylvania, 1775; To Clark Co. from Kentucky, 1812
{In War of 1812; First Regiment of the Indiana Militia Riflemen}
Byram Carter; b. Morgan Co., 1828;
{Methodist Episcopal Minister}
Rebecca Matheny Castor; b. Virginia, 1767; To Hamilton Co. from Ohio, 1840
Thomas Chamberlain; b. Pennsylvania, 1801; To Harrison Co., 1828
Joseph Childers; b. Indiana, 1816; To Washington Co., 1839
Daniel Ragsdale Christian; b. Georgia, 1821; To Washington Co., 1839
Almarine Casandra Bond Clark; b. Virginia, 1807; To Hamilton Co., 1826
Barbara Thrush Alspaugh Crout; To Orange Co. from Kentucky, 1820
Martin David; b. Ohio, ca. 1805; To Rush Co., 1823
{To Henry Co., 1834}
Prudence Welborn David; b. N. Carolina, 1813; To Henry Co., 1834
William David; b. Pennsylvania, ca. 1775; To Rush Co. from Ohio, 1823
Elizabeth Herron Davis; b. Pennsylvania, before 1797; To Orange Co. from Kentucky, 1840
Samuel Davis; b. Pennsylvania, ca. 1785; To Franklin Co. from Ohio, 1835
Conrad Deal; b. Virginia, 1803; To LaGrange Co. from Ohio, 1834
{Founder of Talmage Corners & Brushy Prairie Methodist churches.}
Elizabeth Rawles Deal; b. Ohio, 1807; To LaGrange Co., 1834
Samuel Dyer; b. Maryland, 1751; To Greene Co. from Virginia, 1814
{In War of Revolution} {Built first log cabin in Eel River Twp., Greene Co.}
Adam Dygert; b. New York, 1787; To Steuben Co., 1837
{Opened his home to Free Will Baptists for worship}
John Fadely; b. Virginia, 1792; To Henry Co., 1837
{In War of 1812}
Lucretia Warnock Fadely; b. Henry Co., 1832;
Michael Fadely; b. Virginia, 1822; To Henry Co., 1837
Rebecca (Margaret) Funk Fadely; b. Virginia, ca. 1800; To Henry Co., 1837
Whitfield Force; b. New Jersey, 1792; To Martin Co., by 1820
{In War of Revolution}
Lucinda Bostwick Goodsell; b. Connecticut, ca. 1781; To LaGrange Co. from Pennsylvania, 1835
Stiles Goodsell; b. Connecticut, 1768; To LaGrange Co. from Pennsylvania, 1835
{Organized Milford Township}
Mary (Polly) Richey Hair; b. Ohio, 1808; To Hamilton Co., 1821
Fredrick Harger; b. Pennsylvania, 1804; To Hamilton Co. from Ohio, 1840
Nancy Castor Harger; b. Pennsylvania, 1807; To Hamilton Co. from Ohio, 1840
John Byrd Harmon; b. Virginia, 1795; To Jackson Co., 1818
{To Marion Co., 1820}{To Boone Co., 1837}
{Captain, War of 1812; In Black Hawk War}
Davis Harris; b. N. Carolina, ca. 1815; To Wayne Co., 1834
Elizabeth Donaldson Hays; b. (Indiana), 1840; To Switzerland Co., 1840
Jesse Hays; b. Kentucky, 1820; To Switzerland Co., 1840
Joseph Hendricks (Hendrix) ; b. N. Carolina, ca. 1776; To Montgomery Co. from Ohio, 1834
Nicholas Hightshue; b. Maryland, 1789; To Marion Co. from Ohio, 1831
Lillia Hornbrook; b. Gibson Co., 1835;
John Hubbartt; b. Delaware, 1748-1750; To Dearborn Co. from N. Carolina, 1811
{In War of Revolution}
Nancy Thomas Hubbartt; b. N. Carolina, 1788; To Dearborn Co. from Ohio, 1811
{To Marion Co., 1833}
Susanna Osborn Huddleston; b. N. Carolina, 1796; To Union Co. from Ohio, 1828
William Huddleston; b. N. Carolina, 1804; To Union Co., 1815
Payton Hutcheson; b. Kentucky, 1815; To Putnam Co., 1837
Randolph Hutcheson; b. Kentucky, 1785; To Putnam Co., 1837
Maxey Jolly; b. S. Carolina, 1780; To Posey Co., 1804
{In War of 1812, served under Gen. William Henry Harrison} {Helped build first church in Posey Co.}
Benjamin Jones; b. Virginia, 1794; To LaGrange Co. from Michigan, 1832
{In War of 1812} {Overseer of the Poor; County Commissioner}
Mary Michael Jones; b. Virginia, 1802; To LaGrange Co. from Michigan, 1832
John Thomas Lingard; b. England, 1824; To LaPorte Co., 1840
Ann Blacklocke Lockerbie; b. Scotland, 1768; To Marion Co. from Kentucky, 1830
Jacob Benjamin Loehr; b. Virginia, 1821; To Hancock Co., 1833
{County Sheriff; County Treasurer}
Julia Clark Loehr; b. Hamilton Co., 1830;
Mary Louisa Krohn Mann; b. Delaware Co., 1838;
Jannett Smith Lockerbie McOuat; b. Scotland, 1800; To Marion Co. from Kentucky, 1830
John Phillip Mechling; b. Pennsylvania, 1779; To Elkhart Co., 1835
Jacob Miller; b. Ohio, 1822; To Marion Co., 1830
Ionia E. Owen; b. Greene Co., 1822;
{In Mexican War; in Civil War}
Phylonzo (Filonzo) Redington; b. Ohio, 1818; To Decatur Co., 1837
Barbara Nollet Reinhart; b. Bavaria, 1816; To Jennings Co., 1838
John Reinhart; b. France, 1809; To Jennings Co., 1838
John A. Reynolds; b. Ohio, 1819; To Warrick Co., 1840
Samuel Ross; b. Virginia, 1773; To Carroll Co. from Tennessee, 1830
{In War of 1812}
Thomas Ross; b. Tennessee, 1801; To Carroll Co., 1828
Sarah H. Sanders Shank; b. Kentucky, ca. 1797; To Shelby Co., 1824
Hunley Singleton; b. Kentucky, 1823; To Daviess Co., 1830
{In Civil War}
Mary "Polly" Trowbridge Singleton; b. Kentucky, 1802; To Orange Co., 1830
Jacob Smith; b. N. Carolina, 1805; To Switzerland Co., 1824
Jonathan Swain; b. N. Carolina, 1798; To Wayne Co., by 1818
William Sweet; b. New York, 1807; To (Indiana) from Michigan, 1835-37
Isaac Trowbridge; b. Virginia, 1775; To Orange Co. from Kentucky, 1830
Nancy Campbell Trowbridge; b. Virginia, 1777; To Orange Co. from Kentucky, 1830
Sarah Slayback Vaughn; b. New Jersey, 1783; To Shelby Co. from Ohio, 1823
Jesse Wheeler; To Washington Co. from Kentucky, 1818
Mary Polly Little Wheeler; To Washington Co., 1818
John Williams; b. N. Carolina, ca. 1780; To Posey Co., 1814
{In War of 1812, Battle of Tippecanoe}
John Alexander Wininger; b. Pennsylvania or Virginia, ca. 1750; To Orange Co. from Tennessee, 1835
{In War of Revolution}
Ann Wilson Winings; b. Ohio?, ca. 1819; To Marion Co. from Ohio, 1840

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