Proven Ancestors Added in 2011

The following is a list of all persons added to the database of qualified Pioneer Ancestors during 2011. This list is provided as a service to those potential Society members who want to easily check the names of possible qualifying ancestors who were added recently.

Eleanor (Ellen) Jackman Allen; b. Franklin Co., 1820
Eli Allen; b. Pennsylvania, 1810; To Franklin Co., 1812
Rebecca Shepherd Allen; b. Pennsylvania, After 1764; To Clark Co., 1800
Solomon Allen; b. Pennsylvania, 1784-1785; To Clark Co., 1805
            {Teacher of surveying and higher mathematics; built school house in Brookville}
Bailey Anderson; b. Virginia, 1753; To Warrick Co. from Kentucky, 1805
            {In War of Revolution; Captain in Indiana Militia - Knox Co.}
            {Judge; Home was used for early courts of Warrick Co.} {Anderson Twp. named for him}
Abraham Ashton; b. Pennsylvania, 1781; To Clark Co., 1816
            {Justice of the peace; First Postmaster in Utica}
Abraham Daniel Ashton; b. Clark Co., 1836
Eliza Jane Worrall Ashton; b. Clark Co., 1840
Hannah Cloud Ashton; b. Pennsylvania, 1786; To Clark Co., 1816
Joseph Ashton; b. Pennsylvania, 1806; To Clark Co., 1816
Marinda Prather Ashton; b. Clark Co., 1811
Isaac Barrett; b. Tennessee, 1795; To Warrick Co., 1830
Lucy Fowler Barrett; b. S. Carolina, 1805; To Warrick Co. from Tennessee, 1830
Thomas Benton Blanton, Sr.; b. Virginia, 1801; To Morgan Co. from Kentucky, 1829
            {To Hendricks Co., 1834}
Frances Coleman Bowser; b. Pennsylvania, 1772; To Marion Co. from Ohio, 1823
Henry Bowser; b. Pennsylvania, 1765; To Marion Co. from Ohio, 1823
Comfort Brewster; b. Virginia, ca. 1786; To Pike Co. from Kentucky, 1830
Jane Black McCorkle Brewster; b. Kentucky, ca. 1786; To Pike Co., 1830
Robert Butcher; b. England, before 1813; To Warrick Co. from New York, 1837
Mary Burtle Corn Byers; b. Maryland, 1789; To Pike Co. from Kentucky, 1822
John Case; b. Kentucky, 1798; To Fayette Co., 1818
Susanna Coffman Casner (Kesner); To Harrison Co. from Tennessee, 1822
Allen White Clifford, Sr.; b. Kentucky, 1816; To Pike Co., 1835
Susann Moore Clifford; b. [Indiana], 1816; To Pike Co., 1835
Johnson Collings; b. Kentucky, 1822; To Parke Co., 1835
Phillip Conner; b. England, 1754; To Jennings Co. from Virginia, 1834
David Corn, Sr.; b. Kentucky, ca. 1790; To Pike Co., 1822
George Cox; b. Kentucky, ca. 1802; To Harrison Co., 1837
Margaret Harrison Cox; b. Harrison Co., 1813
Asa Crooke; b. Kentucky, 1802; To Greene Co., 1822
George Curts; b. Kentucky, ca. 1802; To Harrison Co., 1825
Keziah Kindle Curts; b. Tennessee, ca. 1808; To Harrison Co., 1825
Hardin Daily; b. Kentucky, ca. 1815; To Harrison Co., 1838
Jane Martin Hogan Daily; b. Kentucky, 1815; To Harrison Co., 1838
Elizabeth Davis; b. USA, 1781; To Marion Co. from Ohio, by 1828
James Davis, Sr.; b. Delaware, 1779; To Marion Co. from Ohio, by 1828
Elijah Dickason; b. (Indiana), 1803; To Switzerland Co., 1833
Frances "Fanny" Steenrod Elliott; b. Virginia, ca. 1800; To Crawford Co. from Ohio, 1830
Jacob Lockwood Elliott; b. (Indiana), 1826; To Crawford Co., 1826
Joseph Elliott; b. Michigan, ca. 1790; To Crawford Co. from Ohio, 1830
Sarah Jane Kesner Elliott; b. (Indiana), 1826; To Crawford Co., 1826
Jared Foster; b. New York, 1807; To Jennings Co., 1836
Ambrose Fricker (Fraker); b. Delaware, 1836; To Brown Co., 1840
            {In Civil War} {Superintendent of the Brown Co. Asylum, a.k.a. "The Poor Farm"}
Solomon Fry; b. Kentucky, ca. 1803; To Grant Co. from Ohio, 1840
Catherine Heller Gottschalk; b. Ohio, 1837; To Wells Co., 1838
Daniel Green; b. S. Carolina, 1783; To Fayette Co. from Kentucky, 1814
Philip Hart; b. Virginia, 1765; To Owen Co. from Kentucky, 1816
{First white settler in Owen Co.; first treasurer of Owen Co.; donated land for first County seat;    built first brick courthouse in Owen Co.; charter member of Bethel Baptist Church}
Levi Heller; b. Pennsylvania, 1804; To Wells Co. from Ohio, 1837
Elisha Henry; b. Kentucky, ca. 1810; To Jefferson Co., 1831
Judah Halley Henry; b. Kentucky, ca. 1811; To Jefferson Co. or Switzerland Co., 1831
Eli Hinds; b. Franklin Co., 1821
Polly Martin Hogan; b. Virginia, 1792; To Harrison Co. from Kentucky, 1820
Isaac Holman, Jr.; b. N. Carolina, 1757; To Clark Co., 1801
            {In War of Revolution}
Katherine Wilcox(son) Holman; b. N. Carolina, 1762; To Clark Co. from Kentucky, 1801
Samuel Hubbard; b. N. Carolina, 1798; To Franklin Co. from Ohio, 1823
John Hughes; b. South Wales, 1795; To Decatur Co. from Pennsylvania, 1832
William Jackman; b. Pennsylvania, ca. 1775; To Franklin Co. from Ohio, 1812
            {In War of 1812}
George W. Jones; b. Virginia, 1778; To Jackson Co., 1820
Daniel Keith; b. Virginia, 1759; To Jackson Co., 1824
            {Early Baptist preacher, said to have laid out Brownstown.}
David Kilgore, Sr.; b. Kentucky, 1804; To Franklin Co., 1819
{Brigadier General in Indiana Militia} {Member State Legislature and Speaker of House; Judge; Member U. S. House of Representatives} {Delaware Co. Agriculture Society, President}
Margaret Anna Casner/Kesner Kintner; b. Harrison Co., 1817
Margaret McLoghlin Kintner; b. Pennsylvania, ca. 1776; To Harrison Co., 1813
Elspey Ann Rayburn/Reyburn Kise; b. Kentucky, 1795; To Marion Co., by 1835
John Kise, Sr.; b. Kentucky, 1791; To Marion Co., by 1835
Thomas Leatherbury; b. Maryland; To Switzerland Co., 1830
David Lee; b. Maryland, 1761-1770; To Switzerland Co., 1815
Catherine Houk (Howk/Houch) Lentz; b. Pennsylvania, 1774; To Clark Co., 1818
John Lentz; b. New York, 1772; To Clark Co. from Pennsylvania, 1818
Mahala Prather Lentz; b. [Indiana], 1816; To Clark Co., 1816
Nathan Livezey; b. Pennsylvania, 1775; To Henry Co., 1839
John Martin; b. ca. 1758; To Harrison Co. from Kentucky, 1828
Lewellen Martin; b. Pennsylvania, ca. 1770; To Wabash Co. from Ohio, 1835
Philip Martin; b. Ohio, 1813; To Wabash Co., 1837
Elizabeth Nottingham McAdams; b. Kentucky, ca. 1794; To Harrison Co., 1810
John McAdams; b. (Indiana), ca. 1819; To Harrison Co., 1819
Martha Curts McAdams; b. (Indiana), 1829; To Harrison Co., 1829
Samuel McAdams, Jr.; b. Virginia, ca. 1790; To Harrison Co., 1810
David Varner Miller; b. Hendricks Co., 1836
Eleanor "Ellen" "Nellie" Cannon Miller; b. Kentucky, 1780; To Marion Co., by 1833
Elizabeth Harriet Kise Miller; b. Kentucky, 1822; To Marion Co., by 1835
Henry Miller; b. Pennsylvania, 1778; To Marion Co. from Kentucky, by 1833
Martha "Mary" "Patsy" Varner Miller; b. N. Carolina, 1818; To Marion Co., by 1825
Willis Cannon Miller; b. Kentucky, 1809; To Marion Co., by 1833
John Moore; b. Ireland, 1806; To Marion Co., 1833
Sarah Bowser Moore; b. Pennsylvania, 1814; To Marion Co. from Ohio, 1823
Thomas Moore, Sr.; b. Ireland, ca. 1767; To Marion Co., 1831
William Moore; b. Marion Co., 1837
John M. Newhouse; b. Virginia, 1778; To Fayette Co., 1816
John Olvey; b. N. Carolina, 1814; To Hamilton Co., 1837
Cornelius Overman; b. N. Carolina, 1794; To Wayne Co., 1819
Rebecca Ford Overman; b. N. Carolina, 1802; To Wayne Co., 1819
Tamar Brothers Overman; b. N. Carolina, 1766; To Wayne Co., 1807
Benjamin Pickett; b. (Indiana), 1804; To Switzerland Co., 1838
Edith Ann Holman Prather; b. N. Carolina, 1784; To Clark Co. from Kentucky, 1800
Samuel Prather; b. N. Carolina, ca. 1780; To Clark Co. from N. Carolina or Kentucky, 1800
Elizabeth Ellis Roberts; b. Ohio, ca. 1813; To Harrison Co., 1833
Hiram Roberts; b. New York, 1804; To Boone, 1837
Sarah Ann Parker Sampson; b. (Indiana), ca. 1802; To Harrison Co., 1824
Sarah Coleman Sampson; b. Virginia, 1764; To Harrison Co., 1833
William Sampson, Jr.; b. Kentucky, 1799; To Harrison Co., 1824
            {Justice of the peace}
Jean Francois Siebenthal; b. Switzerland, 1785; To Switzerland Co. from Kentucky, 1807
            {First sheriff of Switzerland Co.}  {Revenue Collector}
Eliza Jane Voorhies Smith; b. Kentucky, 1821; To Johnson Co., 1827
Elizabeth Arrants Smith; b. Tennessee, 1789; To Johnson Co., 1830
Nathan Arrants Smith; b. Tennessee, 1821; To Johnson Co., 1830
Thomas Richardson Stanford; b. Virginia, 1794; To Henry Co. from Ohio, 1819
{In War of 1812} {Member State Legislature; Justice of the peace; Associate Judge} {Commissioner; Surveyor}
George Swartz (Schwartz); b. Clark Co., 1803
George Wiley Swartz (Schwartz); b. Clark Co., 1827
Maria Ann Lentz Swartz (Schwartz); b. Clark Co., 1836
Nancy Ann Fry Swartz (Schwartz); b. Kentucky, 1804; To Clark Co., 1821
Elizabeth Grant Switzer; b. Kentucky, 1777; To Montgomery Co., 1829
Enoch Thompson; b. N. Carolina, 1783; To Orange Co., 1826
Reuben Tolliver; b. Warren Co., 1834; To Fountain Co.
John Trimble; b. N. Carolina, 1799; To Delaware Co. from Ohio, 1830
David Varner; b. N. Carolina, 1794; To Marion Co., by 1825
Jemima Pugh Varner; b. N. Carolina, 1796; To Marion Co., by 1825}
Isaac Voorhies (Voris); b. Kentucky, 1795; To Johnson Co., 1827
Benjamin Burch Walker; b. Maryland, 1753; To Greene Co. from N. Carolina, 1821
Daniel Ward; b. Maryland, 1798; To Miami Co. from Ohio, 1840
Robert Watkins; b. Maryland, 1754; To Wayne Co. from S. Carolina, 1812
Willard Whipple; b. New York, 1803; To Dearborn Co., 1825
            {To Posey Co., 1836}
James Hamilton Woods; b. (Indiana), 1812; To Gibson Co., by 1832
Lavisa Pease Woodward; b. Harrison Co., 1840
Jonathan Wyland, Jr.; b. Pennsylvania, 1820; To Elkhart Co. from Ohio, 1831

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