Proven Ancestors Added in 2010

The following is a list of all persons added to the database of qualified Pioneer Ancestors during 2010. This list is provided as a service to those potential Society members who want to easily check the names of possible qualifying ancestors who were added recently.

Cornelius Banta; b. New Jersey, ca. 1758; To Jefferson Co. from Kentucky, 1816

Magdalena Shuck Banta; b. Virginia, ca. 1763; To Jefferson Co. from Kentucky, 1816

Elijah Bartlett; b. Virginia, 1817; To Delaware Co., 1838

John Bartlett; b. Virginia, 1784; To Delaware Co., 1837

Mary Ann Mann Bartlett; b. Ohio, 1826; To Delaware Co., 1835

Sarah Selvey Bartlett; b. Virginia, 1778; To Delaware Co., 1837

John Bell; b. N. Carolina, 1770; To Wayne Co., 1817 {One of five men to locate the county seat of Henry Co. in 1821} {Credited with "laying out" the town of Milton - 1824}

Abel Bennett (Bennit); b. Pennsylvania, 1789; To Shelby Co. from Ohio, 1829

Rachel Ladow Bennett; b. New Jersey, 1788; To Shelby Co. from Ohio, ca. 1835

Zaccheus Bennett; b. New Jersey, 1787; To Shelby Co. from Ohio, 1835

Joseph H. Bond; b. Virginia, 1830; To Knox Co., 1837

Ephraim Bragg; b. Virginia, 1801; To Randolph Co. from Tennessee, 1831

Mary Louisa Fields Bragg; b. Tennessee, 1804; To Randolph Co., 1831

Mary Thomas Bragg; b. 1784; To Randolph Co. from Tennessee, 1831

Wesley Bragg; b. Randolph Co., 1833

William Bragg; b. Virginia, ca. 1770; To Randolph Co. from Tennessee, 1831

William Breuer; b. Germany, 1806; To Hancock Co., 1840

George Brooks; b. England, 1783; To Steuben Co. from New York, 1838

Thomas Brooks; b. England, 1826; To Steuben Co. from New York, 1838

Catherine Cotton Brown; b. Kentucky, ca. 1784; To Shelby Co. from Ohio, 1825

Jane Jones Brown; b. S. Carolina, ca. 1753; To Shelby Co. from Ohio, 1825

Robert Brown; b. S. Carolina, 1785; To Shelby Co. from Ohio, 1824

Russel Brown; b. New York, 1805; To LaGrange Co., 1836

Christopher Burkheart; b. Kentucky, 1800; To Spencer Co., 1830 {Justice of peace}

Abner Cadwallader; b. Virginia, 1802; To Randolph Co. from Ohio, 1831

Mary Thomas Cadwallader; b. S. Carolina, 1801; To Randolph Co. from Ohio, 1831

John Carnahan; b. Virginia, 1787; To Warrick Co. from Tennessee, 1840

Sarah Dickey Carnahan; b. Virginia, 1792; To Warrick Co. from Tennessee, 1840

John Casner (Kesner); b. Virginia?, 1775-1781; To Harrison Co., 1822

Eliza Catherine Shull Chandler; b. Ohio, 1830; To Switzerland Co., 1835

Sarepta Cadwallader Chenoweth; b. Randolph Co., 1837

Isaac Walter Corya; b. Indiana, 1813; To Jennings Co., by 1837

Catherine Pottenger Craig; b. Montgomery Co., 1829

Delilah Hensley Davenport; b. Kentucky, 1801; To Jackson Co., 1819 {To Johnson Co., by 1830}

William Davenport; b. N. Carolina, 1800; To Jackson Co., 1819 {To Johnson Co., by 1830}

Nathan Davis; b. Kentucky, ca. 1795; To Hendricks Co., 1835

Albert G. Dawson; b. Ohio, 1816; To Spencer Co., 1838

Rebecca Tietsort Dine; b. Ohio, 1807; To Johnson Co., 1830

John Ferris; b. Maryland, 1773; To Wayne Co. from Delaware, 1828

John Fifer; b. Virginia, 1784; To Henry Co., 1840

Adam Flesher; b. Virginia, 1807; To Jay Co. from Ohio, 1836

Margaret Ann Dine Fraker; b. Johnson Co., 1837

Nancy Montgomery Gillaspy; b. 1795; To Clark Co. from Virginia, 1812 {To Jackson Co., 1818}

Robert Gillaspy, Sr.; b. Virginia?, 1793; To Clark Co., 1812 {To Jackson Co., 1818}

Robert Gillaspy, Jr.; b. Jackson Co., 1828 (Baptist Minister in Uniontown)

Elizabeth Oliver Gordon; b. Pennsylvania, ca. 1779; To Shelby Co. from Ohio, 1821

John M. Gordon; b. Ohio, 1810; To Shelby Co., 1833

Rachel Bennett Gordon; b. New Jersey, ca. 1815; To Shelby Co. from Ohio, 1833

Ann Stroud Graves; b. Delaware, 1778; To Wayne Co., 1816

Elizabeth Thomas Moore Graves; b. Wayne Co., 1822

Jacob Graves, Sr; b. Delaware, 1743; To Wayne Co., 1816

Joseph Chandler Graves; b. Wayne Co., 1824

Rebecca Jordan McCarty Hackleman (Hackelman); b. 1765; To Franklin Co. from Ohio, 1806

Ann (Nancy) Long Hadley; b. Virginia, 1783; To Morgan Co. from N. Carolina, 1832

Aaron Hall; b. 1775; To Posey Co. from Kentucky?, 1820

Samuel Hall; b. Ohio, 1806; To Jay Co., 1838

Joseph Hatfield; b. Pennsylvania, 1790; To Wells Co. from Ohio, 1838

Eli Henby; b. N. Carolina, 1813; To Wayne Co., 1836

Elijah Henry; b. Kentucky, 1808; To Switzerland Co., 1830

Elisha Henry; b. Kentucky, 1827; To Switzerland Co., 1830 {In Civil War}

Jane Layton Henry; b. Kentucky, ca. 1809; To Switzerland Co., 1830

Martha Henry Henry; b. Jefferson Co., 1833

Nathan Hinkle; b. Pennsylvania, 1759; To Lawrence Co. from Kentucky, 1820 {In War of Revolution}

Nancy Westfall Hockman; b. Kentucky, ca. 1801; To Harrison Co., 1819

John Hogan; b. Virginia, 1787; To Harrison Co. from Kentucky, 1820

Masten House; b. Kentucky, 1808; To Shelby Co., 1837

Ichabod Jackson; b. Ohio, 1807; To Shelby Co., 1840

Milton Jennings; b. Ohio, 1810; To Benton Co., by 1832

Jacob Johnson; b. Maryland, 1792; To Randolph Co. from Ohio, 1833 {In War of 1812}

Benjamin Jones; b. Maryland, 1779; To Putnam Co. from Kentucky, 1821 {Minister - preached the first sermon at Brick Chapel- Putnam Co.} {One of original founders of Asbury College - now DePauw University - and one of its first Trustees.}

Andrew Kintner; b. Pennsylvania, 1804; To Harrison Co., 1832

Maria Mariah "Mary" Pendroy Krohn; b. Ohio, 1813; To Delaware Co., 1837

William J. T. (or F.F. or F.J.) Krohn; b. Germany, 1805; To Delaware Co., by 1837

Joseph Latshaw; b. Pennsylvania, 1779; To Sullivan Co., 1817 {Associate Judge of First Judicial Circuit in Sullivan Co.; Member State Legislature}

Aaron Lindley; b. N. Carolina, 1768; To Morgan Co., 1832

David Lindley; b. N. Carolina, 1799; To Hendricks Co., 1833

Mary Elizabeth Banta Lindley; b. Jefferson Co., 1829

Mary Hadly (Hadley) Lindley; b. N. Carolina, 1802; To Hendricks Co., 1833

Milton Lindley; b. N. Carolina, 1820; To Morgan Co., 1833

Phebe McPherson Lindley; b. N. Carolina, ca. 1765; To Morgan Co., 1832

Isaac Mann; b. Ohio, 1834; To Delaware Co., 1834

Nancy Pavey (Pavy) Mann; b. Kentucky, 1801; To Delaware Co. from Ohio, 1834

Warner Mann; b. Virginia, 1803; To Delaware Co. from Ohio, 1834

Daniel Miller; b. Kentucky, 1806; To Posey Co., 1820

Hannah Hall Miller; b. Kentucky, 1805; To Posey Co., 1820

John Miller; To Posey Co. from Kentucky, 1820

John P. Miller; b. Posey Co., ca. 1835

David Moore; b. Pennsylvania, 1779; To Wayne Co., 1817

Mary Wilkins Moore; b. Pennsylvania, 1785; To Wayne Co., 1817

Matthew Moore; b. Ireland, 1753; To Wayne Co. from Pennsylvania, 1817

Sarah McDowell Moore; b. Scotland, 1758; To Wayne Co. from Pennsylvania, 1817

Elizabeth Acman Pavey; b. 1770; To Delaware Co. from Ohio, 1836

Isaac Pavey (Pavy); b. Maryland, 1768; To Delaware Co. from Ohio, 1836 {Minister}

Mary Casner Pease; b. (Indiana), 1815; To Crawford Co.

Philo P. Pease; b. Connecticut, 1806; To Harrison Co., 1834

John Pottenger; b. Kentucky, 1804; To Montgomery Co. from Ohio, 1829

Nancy Barnett Pottenger; b. Pennsylvania, 1803; To Montgomery Co. from Ohio, 1829

Anton Ludwig (Louis) Richman; b. Germany, 1807; To Hancock Co., 1835

French Roberts; b. (Indiana), ca. 1807; To Harrison Co.

George Roberts; b. Wales, 1783; To Ripley Co. from Kentucky, 1815

Mahala Catharine McCoy Roberts; b. Spencer Co., 1827

Joel Albert Rouse; b. Virginia, 1814; To Marion Co. from Kentucky, 1833 {In War of Revolution}

William Sampson; b. Virginia, 1761; To Harrison Co. from Kentucky, 1805

Ernestus Schermerhorn; b. New York, 1802; To LaGrange Co., 1837 {First County Assessor of LaGrange Co.}

Elizabeth Oldweiler Schwartz; b. Pennsylvania, 1775; To Clark Co., 1803

Jacob Shank; b. 1795; To Shelby Co., 1830 {Member State Legislature} {Shelby Co. Sheriff}

Hannah Shuck? Shull; b. Ohio, ca. 1800; To Switzerland Co., 1835

John M. Shull; b. Pennsylvania, ca. 1801; To Switzerland Co. from Ohio, 1835

Christopher Smith; b. Pennsylvania, 1788; To Washington Co., 1815

Emaline Cox Stroud; b. Vanderburgh Co., 1826-1827

Elisha Talmage; b. New York, 1813; To LaGrange Co., 1837

Walter Tucker; b. Maryland, ca. 1772; To Franklin Co. from Ohio, 1812

Hannah Davenport Vanarsdall; b. Johnson Co., ca. 1838

Isaac Whiteley; b. Maryland, 1797; To Wayne Co., by 1828

Benjamin Worthington, Sr.; b. Pennsylvania, 1774; To DeKalb Co., 1840

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