Proven Ancestors Added in 2009

The following is a list of all persons added to the database of qualified Pioneer Ancestors during 2009. This list is provided as a service to those potential Society members who want to easily check the names of possible qualifying ancestors who were added recently.

Enoch Abell; b. Kentucky, 1802; To Dubois Co., 1822

Cornelius Banta, II; b. Kentucky, 1805; To Jefferson Co., 1816

Rebecca Eccles Banta; b. Kentucky, ca. 1810; To Jefferson Co., 1816

Richard "Old Dickey" Bass; b. N. Carolina, 1794; To Posey Co. from Kentucky, 1819

Elizabeth Ann Gustin Bayne; b. Dearborn Co.?, 1818; To Switzerland Co., by 1830

Bluford Bethell, Sr.; b. Kentucky, 1798; To Warrick Co., 1832

Andrew J. Bonebrake; b. (Indiana), 1832

Jane Bruce Brown; b. Kentucky, 1790; To Harrison Co., 1807

Mary Frances "Fanny" Tyler Canfield; b. Connecticut, 1786; To Dearborn Co. from New York, 1800

Peter Creager; b. Maryland, 1777; To Whitley Co. from Ohio, 1836

Samuel Daniels; b. Virginia, 1770-1780; To Carroll Co. from Ohio, 1828

James Ward Davis; b. Virginia, 1808; To Delaware Co., 1820 {To Madison Co., by 1835}

Hiram Esarey; b. Perry Co., 1813

Jacob Fox; b. N. Carolina, 1799; To Shelby Co., prior to 1822

Joseph Fricker (Fraker); b. Germany, 1795; To Brown Co. from Delaware, 1840

Anna Long Gilbert; b. N. Carolina, 1810; To Union Co., 1830

John Gilbert; b. Maryland, 1807; To Union Co., 1830

William Gilbert; b. Miami Co., 1834

Gilbert T. Givan; b. Maryland, 1789; To Dearborn Co. from Virginia, 1820

Sarah Merrill Givan; b. Maryland, 1795; To Dearborn Co. from Virginia, 1820

Ignatius Gough; b. Kentucky, 1795; To Daviess Co., 1837

Sarah Hagan Gough; b. Kentucky, ca. 1797; To Daviess Co., prior to 1839

Bernard Grannan; b. Ireland, ca. 1815; To Daviess Co., prior to 1837

Margaret Bradley Grannan; b. Ireland, 1814; To Daviess Co., 1835

Pierre (Peter) Grimard; b. France, ca. 1745; To Knox Co. from Virginia, 1778 {In War of Revolution} {Signed the Vincennes Oath of Allegiance to Virginia, 1778.}

Allen Campbell Hall; b. Warren Co., 1833

Ellen Zena Frazier Hall; b. Warren Co., 1839

William Haymond Hickman; b. Virginia, 1813; To Henry Co., 1837

Jacob Hier; b. Virginia?, 1785-95; To Hamilton Co. from Ohio, 1819

John Hill; b. Delaware, 1773; To Boone Co. from Kentucky, 1830

James Wilson Hooser; b. Parke Co., 1840 {In Civil War}

George Hubbard; b. Virginia, 1786; To Wayne Co. from N. Carolina, 1826 {To Morgan Co., 1826}

Robert Hurley; b. Ohio?, 1780-90; To Grant Co., 1831 {To Carroll Co., by 1834}

Lucy Tucker Jaquith; b. Massachusetts, 1778-79; To Dearborn Co. from New York, 1820

Reuben Jaquith; b. New Hampshire, 1782; To Dearborn Co. from Virginia, 1820 {In War of 1812}

William Jordan; b. Virginia, ca. 1774; To Tippecanoe Co., 1827

George Julian; b. N. Carolina, 1792; To Fayette Co. from Tennessee, 1821 {In War of 1812}

Maria Isabella Weidner Klingler; b. Vanderburgh Co., 1840

Joel Lathrop; b. New York, 1801; To Tippecanoe Co., 1833

Barbara Rash Lennen; b. Kentucky, 1795; To Franklin Co., 1820

Peter Lennen; b. Kentucky, 1782; To Franklin Co., 1820

Henry Mallory; b. Virginia, 1782; To Wayne Co., 1834

Francis McClelland; b. 1786; To Franklin Co. from Tennessee, 1814 {To Marion Co., by 1822}

William Bloomfield McClelland; b. Tennessee, 1812; To Franklin Co., 1814 {To Marion Co., by 1822}

James McDowell; b. Ireland, 1791; To Elkhart Co. from Virginia, 1837

Elizabeth Griffin Kendall Mendenhall; b. N. Carolina, 1778; To Hamilton Co., 1835

John Wesley Mick; b. Pennsylvania, 1772; To Fountain Co. from Ohio, 1837

James Patten Milliken; b. Massachusettes, 1803; To Dearborn Co., 1818 {In Civil War} {Member State Legislature}

Elizabeth Hier Mock; b. Ohio, 1815; To Hamilton Co., 1819

Jacob Mock, Jr.; b. Pennsylvania, 1812; To Hamilton Co. from Ohio, 1830

Jacob Mock, Sr.; b. Pennsylvania, 1772; To Hamilton Co. from Ohio, 1830

John Harrison Overlin; b. Orange Co., 1839

William Jackson Overlin; b. Orange Co., 1816

Anna Adams Owens; b. N. Carolina, ca. 1797; To Lawrence Co. from Kentucky, 1818

Avarilla Brown Owens; b. Lawrence Co., 1812

John W. Owens; b. Lawrence Co., 1840

Mary Bales Terrill Owens; b. Lawrence Co., 1839

Mary Richardson Owens; b. Kentucky, ca. 1785; To Lawrence Co. from 1827

Owen L. Owens; b. Indiana, ca. 1817; To Lawrence from ca. 1817

Rosannah Mason Owens; b. ca. 1770; To Lawrence Co. from Kentucky, 1822

Silas Owens; b. Lawrence Co., 1836

Anderson Pavey; b. Maryland, 1790; To Harrison Co. from N. Carolina?, 1809 {To Washington Co., 1814} {Road Supervisor and Petit Juror, Washington Co.}

Penina A. Beaman Pavey; b. N. Carolina, 1798; To Washington Co., 1818

Joseph Penrod; b. Pennsylvania, ca. 1787; To Blackford Co. from Ohio, by 1840

John Pinkerton; b. Pennsylvania, 1805; To Wayne Co. from Ohio, 1840

Jesse Rector; b. Virginia, 1759; To Lawrence Co. from Kentucky, by 1830 {In War of Revolution, served under George Washington at Battle of Yorktown and was present at the surrender of Lord Cornwallis.}

David Retherford; b. Kentucky, 1803; To Rush Co., 1836

George Washington Riggle; b. Clark Co., 1834

Phillip Rowland; b. New Jersey, 1792; To Dearborn Co. from Ohio, by 1820

Mark Rutherford; b. Maryland, 1780-90; To Orange Co. from Tennessee, 1819

Benjamin Linton Satterthwaite; b. New Jersey, 1800; To Huntington Co. from Ohio, 1830

Ruth Evans Satterthwaite; b. New Jersey, 1802; To Wayne Co. from Ohio, 1830

Samuel Evans Satterthwaite; b. Ohio, 1825; To Huntington Co., 1830

Robert Scott; b. Virginia, 1783; To Washington Co., 1820 {Justice of peace}

Jeremiah Dungan Smith; b. Tennessee, 1788; To Johnson Co., 1830

Henry Smithenry (Schmitthenner, Heinrich); b. Germany, 1805; To Harrison Co. from Kentucky, 1840

John Steigerwald; b. Bavaria, 1806; To Dearborn Co., 1836


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