Proven Ancestors Added in 2008

The following is a list of all persons added to the database of qualified Pioneer Ancestors during 2008. This list is provided as a service to those potential Society members who want to easily check the names of possible qualifying ancestors who were added recently.

John C. Anderson; b. Scotland, before 1820; To Clark Co., 1831

Mary Huff Belles; b. New Jersey, 1784; To Boone Co. from Ohio, 1837

William Belles; b. New Jersey, ca. 1780; To Boone Co. from Ohio, 1837

Isabelle Wren Bias (Bious); b. Pennsylvania, 1838; To Decatur Co., 1839

Jacob Blickenstaff; b. Ohio, ca. 1817; To Tippecanoe Co., 1835

Robert Caldwell; b. Pennsylvania, 1757; To Marion Co. from Kentucky, 1835 {In War of Revolution}

Thomas Clevenger; b. Ohio, 1802; To Delaware Co., ca. 1832

John Cline; b. ca. 1752; To Harrison Co. from Kentucky, by 1810 {In War of Revolution}

Joseph Creek, Jr.; b. Ohio, 1804; To Blackford Co., 1839

Sarah Littsey Davis; b. Virginia, 1766; To Harrison Co. from Kentucky, 1817

William Davis; To Posey Co. from Kentucky, 1817

Daniel Dayhuff; b. Maryland, ca. 1794; To Orange Co., 1822 {Sheriff}

Thomas Dugan; b. Kentucky, 1803; To Decatur Co., 1829 {In War of 1812}

Daniel Ellis; b. 1779; To Orange Co. from N. Carolina, 1816

Thomas J. S. English; b. Connecticut, 1795; To Pike Co. from Vermont, 1820

Calvin Epperson; b. Kentucky, 1816; To Fountain Co., prior to 1939

William Erwin; b. Virginia, ca. 1790; To Warrick Co. from Kentucky, 1820

Dorcas Ardery Eward; b. Kentucky, 1806; To Decatur Co., 1839

James Eward; b. Kentucky, 1803; To Decatur Co., 1839

Christopher Flick; b. Pennsylvania, 1789; To Orange Co. from Kentucky, 1816 {Christian minister; founded Cane Creek Christian Church in Orange Co.}

Joseph W. Griest; b. Pennsylvania, 1800; To Montgomery Co. from Ohio, 1834

Joshua Henson; b. N. Carolina, ca. 1802; To Harrison Co., 1828 {To Martin Co., by 1830}

John Hyneman; b. Pennsylvania, 1778; To Gibson Co. from Kentucky, 1807

Charles Irby; b. Virginia, 1770; To Switzerland Co. from Tennessee, 1840

Daniel Jackson; b. New Jersey, 1788; To Wabash Co. from Ohio, 1836

General Washington Johnston; b. Virginia, 1776; To Knox Co. from Kentucky, 1793 {In War of 1812} {Member State Legislature; Speaker of House of Representatives} {Lawyer; First Postmaster of Vincennes}

Gasper Koons, Sr.; b. Maryland, 1759; To Wayne Co. from N. Carolina, 1808

Jobe Matthews; b. Maryland?, 1768; To Warrick Co. from Kentucky, 1818

Ira Middleton; b. Ohio, 1823; To Montgomery Co., 1825

Michel Johnson Middleton; b. Virginia, 1827; To Montgomery Co., 1840

Rachel Kenworthy Middleton; b. Ohio; To Montgomery Co., 1825

John Primrose Morrison; b. N. Carolina, 1796; To Fountain Co. from Ohio, by 1840

Darlett Stanley Mullis; b. N. Carolina, ca. 1790; To Rush Co., 1835

John Mullis; b. N. Carolina, ca. 1786; To Rush Co., by 1835

Nancy J. Knox Mullis; b. Ohio, 1816; To Rush Co., 1835

Robert M. Mullis; b. Indiana, 1834; To Rush Co., 1835

Rosanna Mays Mullis; b. Indiana, 1839

Rueben Mullis; b. N. Carolina, 1814; To Rush Co., 1835

Jesse Nash, Sr.; b. Delaware, 1764; To Posey Co. from Pennsylvania, 1815 {In Civil War}

Jemima Merrifield Neeld (Neald); b. Pennsylvania?, ca. 1771; To Clark Co. from Kentucky, 1808

William Neeld (Neald); b. ca. 1768; To Clark Co. from Kentucky, 1808

Gardner Odell; b. New York, 1789; To St. Joseph Co., by 1836

John Overlin; b. Virginia, 1778; To Orange Co. from Kentucky, prior to 1820

John Ford Overman; b. Miami Co., 1840

Jonas Milton Penrod; b. Blackford Co., 1840 {In Indiana Militia}

Thomas Price; b. Ohio, 1816; To St. Joseph Co., 1839

Hannah Meason Mason Ricketts; b. Pennsylvania, 1782; To Wells Co. from Ohio, 1838

Johnston Robb (Rabb); b. Ohio, 1789; To Fountain Co., 1829-30 {In War of 1812}

Elijah Nash Robinson; b. Virginia, ca. 1779; To Daviess Co. from Kentucky, 1821

Solon Robinson; b. Connecticut, 1803; To Jennings Co., 1830 {To Lake Co., 1834} {Postmaster and Road Commissioner, Jennings Co} {Founder of Crown Point}

William Walter Robinson; b. Pennsylvania, 1794; To Wayne Co. from Ohio, by 1823

Peter Sheets; b. Virginia, 1789; To Switzerland Co., 1817

Abner Sheridan; b. Ohio, 1817; To Henry Co., 1823

Margaret Osborn Sheridan; b. N. Carolina, 1779; To Henry Co. from Ohio, 1823

Matilda Gaunt Sheridan; b. Ohio, 1819; To Henry Co., 1823

Leonard Sides; b. North Carolina, 1786; To Washington Co., 1817

William Smith; b. Virginia, 1801; To Monroe Co., 1836

John Steele; b. Virginia, 1761; To Morgan Co. from Kentucky, 1831

Nancy Keel (Kiel) Waughtel; b. Pennsylvania; To Jefferson Co., 1820-25

Sarah Wickersham; b. N. Carolina, 1782; To Wayne Co., 1815

Henry Wren (Renn); b. Pennsylvania, 1800; To Decatur Co., 1839

Rachel Wren (Renn); b. Pennsylvania, 1800; To Decatur Co., 1839

Mary "Molly" Sears Wright; b. N. Carolina, 1776; To Washington Co., 1809

Philburt Wright; b. N. Carolina, 1768; To Washington Co., 1809

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