Proven Ancestors Added in 2007

The following is a list of all persons added to the database of qualified Pioneer Ancestors during 2007. This list is provided as a service to those potential Society members who want to easily check the names of possible qualifying ancestors who were added recently.

Alexander, William; b. Virginia, 1785; To Decatur Co. from Kentucky, 1826

Alexander, William, Jr.; b. Kentucky, 1793; To Jefferson Co., 1815

Allen, Elizabeth Eads; b. Kentucky, 1796; To Dearborn Co. from Kentucky or Ohio, by 1815

{To Daviess Co., by 1816}

Almon, Hollan(d) Murphy; b. N. Carolina, 1790; To Knox Co., 1812

{To Posey Co., prior to 1830} {To Pike Co., by 1830}

Almon, John; b. Kentucky, 1792; To Knox Co., 1812

{To Posey Co., prior to 1830} {To Pike Co., by 1830}

{Baptist minister}

Anderson, David; b. Pennsylvania, 1795; To Noble Co. from Ohio, 1836

Anderson, Edith; b. Kentucky, 1809; To Spencer Co., 1838

Anderson, Peter; b. Ohio, 1825; To Noble Co., by 1840

{To Newton Co., by 1850}

Beeson, Benjamin Franklin; b. Wayne Co., 1824

Bias (Bious), James; b. Jefferson Co., 1829-31

{In Civil War}

Bledsoe, John; b. Tennessee, 1800; To Sullivan Co., 1824

Brandon, George Calviness; b. N. Carolina, 1792; To Greene Co., 1829

Bridges, Jonathan; b. S. Carolina, 1775; To Lawrence Co. from Kentucky, 1830

Bryant, John; b. Kentucky, 1789; To Wayne Co., 1820

{In War of 1812}

Caldwell, John; b. N. Carolina, 1781; To Fayette Co., 1811

Caldwell, William; b. Pennsylvania, 1763-65; To Boone Co. from Kentucky, 1830-39

Carpenter, Phillip; b. (Indiana), 1836

Clayton, Stephen; b. Maryland, 1787; To Randolph Co., by 1824

Clements, Basil, Sr.; b. Maryland, 1770; To Martin Co. from Kentucky, 1826

Collins, Able Seymour (A.S.); b. Washington Co., 1816

Conner, Elizabeth Chapman; b. New York, 1802; To Fayette Co. from Ohio, 1818

{To Hamilton Co., by 1820}

Conner, John Fayette; b. Hamilton Co., 1827

Cooper, John; b. 1799; To Henry Co. from Ohio, 1836

Cooper, William D.; b. Ohio, 1897; To Henry Co., 1836

{County Commissioner}

Croas, Ephraim C.; b. New York, 1787; To Marion Co., 1833

DeMott, Mary Davis; b. Kentucky, ca. 1800; To Marion Co., 1821

DuBois, William; b. New Jersey, 1778; To Union Co. from Ohio, 1805

Dye, Kinneth, b. Kentucky, 1796; To Lawrence Co., 1818

Eads, Elijah; b. Maryland, 1782; To Franklin Co. from Kentucky or Ohio, by 1813

{To Dearborn Co., by 1820} {To Daviess Co., by 1831}

Eads, Lucinda Ann Hutchison; b. Virginia, ca. 1794; To Franklin Co. from Virginia or Ohio, 1813

{To Dearborn Co., by 1820} {To Daviess Co., by 1831}

Fisher, John; b. Pennsylvania, ca. 1776; To Wayne Co. from Ohio, ca. 1824

{To Randolph Co., ca. 1824}

Fritts, Henry; b. N. Carolina, ca. 1794; To Monroe Co., 1830

George, John; b. Kentucky, 1801; To Greene Co., 1840

Goldthwaite (Goldthait), Marilla Ellen Eward; b. Decatur Co., 1830

Griffith, Jane Stevenson; b. Scotland, 1796; To Marion Co. from Ohio, 1823

Hall, Robert; b. N. Carolina, 1782; To Decatur Co. from Kentucky, 1822

Harris, Benjamin; b. N. Carolina, 1808; To Randolph Co., ca. 1832

Haywood, Henry; b. New Jersey, 1811; To Tippecanoe Co. from Ohio, 1839

Helm, Jacob; b. Pennsylvania, 1805; To Delaware Co., prior to 1835

Hilligoss, Silas; b. Kentucky, 1800; To Rush Co., by 1825

Hinshaw, Deborah; b. N. Carolina, 1800; To Hamilton Co., 1833

Hockensmith, Benjamin; b. Kentucky, ca. 1802; To Montgomery Co., 1832

Hoefgen, Abraham; b. Pennsylvania, 1798-99; To Marion Co., 1840

Hoefgen, Elizabeth Brown; b. Pennsylvania, 1808; To Marion Co., 1838

Hollingsworth, Isaac; b. S. Carolina, ca. 1770; To Wayne Co. from Ohio, 1810

Hooten (Hooton), James Dollard; b. (Indiana), 1831

Hurt, James; b. Virginia, ca. 1801; To Lawrence Co. from Kentucky, 1828

Huston, John; b. Delaware, 1758; To Washington Co., 1820

Johnson, Abraham; b. Virginia, 1754; To Sullivan Co., 1810

{Captain, in War of Revolution}

Jones, Catharine Williams; b. Wales, ca. 1775; To Marion Co. from New York, 1828

Jones, William; b. Virginia, 1775; To Scott Co. from Kentucky, 1818

Jones, William W.; b. Wales, ca. 1780; To Marion Co. from New York, 1828

Lombard, Seth Dunham; b. Massachusetts, 1819; To Dearborn Co., 1840

Long, David; b. Kentucky, 1793; To Clinton Co. from Ohio, 1840

Ludwick, George; b. Maryland, ca. 1803; To Randolph Co., by 1838

Mace, Isaac; b. Tennessee, 1800; To Clay Co., 1830

Mahan, Thomas; b. Kentucky, 1802; To Sullivan Co., 1832

Martin, Harrison; b. Washington Co., 1829

Martin, Mary Jane Ratts; b. Washington Co., 1830

McCullough, Samuel; b. Tennessee, 1794; To Union Co., 1823

{In War of 1812}

McLeland, Robert Newton; b. Jefferson Co., 1824

{Captain, Civil War}

Middleton, Hudson, III; b. Virginia, 1799; To Montgomery Co. from Ohio, 1825

Miller, Elizabeth Custer; b. Virginia, ca. 1787; To Marion Co. from Kentucky, 1828

Moyer, John; b. Pennsylvania, 1811; To Randolph Co., by 1840

Myler, Elizabeth Richardson; b. Spencer Co., 1838

Myler, John Milton; b. Spencer Co., 1832


Parish, Eliza Powell; b. Kentucky, 1816; To Boone Co., 1834

Parish, George; b. Kentucky, ca. 1811; To Boone Co., 1834

Parrish, Edward, Sr.; b. N. Carolina, 1762; To Putnam Co., 1825-26

{In War of Revolution}

Phemister, Charles T.; b. Virginia, 1785; To Marion Co. from Kentucky, by 1835

Queen, Richard; b. Kentucky, 1813-14; To Martin Co., 1837

Rapp, Casper; b. Germany, 1790-1800; To Jackson Co., 1840

Ratts, Andrew; b. Kentucky, 1810; To Washington Co., 1820

Ratts, Selah (Celia) Wright; b. (Indiana), 1813; To Washington Co., 1813

Richard, Jean Baptiste; b. Canada, 1681-82; To Tippecanoe Co., 1722-30

{First French settler in Indiana}

Saurman, Peter; b. Pennsylvania, 1753; To Dearborn Co., 1823

{In War of Revolution}

Schmitt, Leonard; b. Germany, 1809; To Vanderburgh Co., 1832-37

Schmitt, Maria Anna Gunther; b. Germany, 1809; To Vanderburgh Co., 1832-37

Schmitt, Valentine; b. Germany, 1783; To Vanderburgh Co., 1832-37

Schmitt, William; b. Germany, 1832; To Vanderburgh Co., 1832-37

Schroeder, Bernhard; b. Germany, 1812; To Dubois Co., 1840

Smith, David Humphrey; b. Orange Co., 1829

Smith, Jarvis; b. Kentucky, 1802; To Orange Co., 1817

{Justice of peace}

Snethen, Abraham; b. Kentucky, 1794; To White Co. from Ohio, 1836


Stonecipher, Hannah Motsinger; b. N. Carolina, 1791; To Harrison Co., 1811

Stonecipher, Henry; b. Pennsylvania, 1791; To Harrison Co., 1816

Stroud, Isom (Isham); b. N. Carolina, 1789; To Southern Territory in area of Orange Co., 1806

{In Indiana Militia under William Henry Harrison; In Battle of Tippecanoe}

Stultz, Jacob Marlyn; b. Orange Co., 1838

Thornburg, Isaac; b. N. Carolina, 1773; To Randolph Co. from Ohio, ca. 1831

Tucker, Benjamin Warren; b. (Indiana), ca. 1837; To Washington Co., 1837

Tucker, John; b. Maryland, 1777; To Washington Co., 1830

Tucker, Mary Campbell; b. Maryland, 1781; To Washington Co., 1830

Tucker, Sarah Huston; b. Kentucky, 1804; To Washington Co., 1825

Tucker, Thomas; b. N. Carolina, 1757; To Putnam Co., 1836

{In War of Revolution}

Walk, Julius C.; b. Marion Co., 1840

Walk, Lewis (Louis); b. Germany, 1806; To Marion Co. from New York, by 1840

Ward, Nancy Price; b. Delaware, 1789; To Tippecanoe Co., prior to 1837

{To Clinton Co., 1837}

Ward, William; b. Delaware, 1789; To Tippecanoe Co. from Delaware, prior to 1837

{To Clinton Co., 1837}

{In War of 1812}

Weidner, Adam; b. Germany, 1801; To Vanderburgh Co., 1835

Weidner, Magdalena Zielger; b. Germany, 1804; To Vanderburgh Co., 1835

Whitehead, Anna Jane Griffith; b. Marion Co., 1834

Wilson, Joseph, Jr.; b. Virginia, 1797; To Orange Co. from Maryland, 1815

Wishard, Abraham; b. Delaware, 1779; To Shelby Co. from Kentucky, 1825

Wishard, Sarah Reynolds; b. Pennsylvania, ca. 1782; To Shelby Co. from Kentucky, 1825

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